Gemini 17° Degrees

Collection of information about the 17th degree of Gemini.

gemini 17 degrees

Birthright, personal prestige or occult powers may grant the native supremacy over others, who will then be the material tools to carry out what the native has conceived. Should practical execution fail him, he would not be able to perform with his own hands and translate into concrete reality what appeared dazzlingly clear to his mental eye.

Either he will be totally devoid of manual skill and practical sense or will be maimed or otherwise invalided. Should he work with supernatural means, one has then to bear in mind that magic consists only in working without hands and walking without feet. Let those who have ears understand. But magic practice will not suit anyone who is not physically whole.

Source: Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees of the Zodiac By Adriano Carelli

Having enough faith in oneself to develop one’s innate faculties, vs. trying to conform to other people’s expectations (very aware of being judged by others, especially when they fail to “measure up” issues of measurement and calibration); living up to one’s early promise (prodigies with unusual talents); growing out of developmental problems; correctiong imbalances in growth vs. become icreasingly eccentric and unbalanced; being able to connect with a parent and partake of their wisdom, vs. feeling that one must fight one’s parents in order to develop one’s potentials; getting out from under a repressive regime; reffering back to a seed-vision of one’s highest potentials, vs. genetic mechanism that bring new faculties into play at the appropriate time; realizing one’s potential.

Source: The Zodiac by Degrees: Second Edition, Extensively Revised By Martin Goldsmith


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