Clear Acne with Positive Affirmations

While it is important to talk to yourself in a positive, healing light, it is equally important to believe what you are telling yourself. Before you try to heal your skin with positive affirmations, you need to believe in the power of your words. For your words to work, you must be able to see yourself with clear, healthy skin.

Choose your affirmations and repeat all of it, first loudly, then softly and more slowly, until your voice becomes a whisper. Then gradually affirm it mentally only, without moving the tongue or the lips, until you feel that you have attained deep, unbroken concentration.

  • With every breath, my skin gets clearer
  • I deserve to have smooth, clear skin
  • I love my skin and treat it with respect
  • I have a beautiful and clear skin without acne
  • I always take proper care of my skin
  • My skin is clean and clear
  • I have a soft and clear skin like a baby’s butt
  • Others admire my beautiful and clear skin
  • I have clear nose without blackheads
  • I have clear forehead without blackheads
  • I feel fresh today
  • I am grateful for my healthy and clear skin
  • I love my soft and clear skin without acne
  • Drinking plenty of water helps me fight against acne
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