Honest ways to cheat at online slots

Now, while it may seem that the title of this post is a bit of a paradox, when we think about cheating at online slots or in any form, the word honest would normally not be one that is thought about in the same sentence alongside it. 

Indeed, finding honest ways to cheat at online slots is no easy feat. But, that being said, there are a lot of cheats out there in the world which all claim to work and all claim to be fair and square – enough so anyway. It is mostly about just figuring certain things out and practicing these when it comes to playing the online slot game itself. And online casino sites offer free spins & bonuses so one doesn’t need to cheat.

Having said that, if some things seem too good to be true, that can be likely because they probably are. There really is not a huge amount of honest ways to cheat at online slots and it goes without saying that gamers should always play online slots first and foremost to have fun. Over-obsessing about wining can be a sign of addiction and this is never a good reason to play with an online slot game in the first place. 

Instead, it is worth mentioning at this point that ultimately the aim of the game is to have fun, and winning is a nice bonus perk that can sometimes come with the game. If you really want to win when you play with online slot games, even if you do not manage to win yourself any money, find a game that you will have a fun experience playing and use a great gaming strategy while you do so. That being said, there are indeed honest ways to cheat at online slots. 

Winning with honest online slot cheats 

All of this being said, ultimately playing a game and having fun is great but that is not to say that we do not want to win something when we have a go on the reels with an online slot game. Having a great gaming experience is still important, as it is not healthy to play games with the sole aim of winning, especially if you are not enjoying the process. 

So how exactly can a gamer have a good honest chance of winning with online slot cheats? Well, one of the most popular ways is by having a few tactics up your sleeve that you can and have learned along the way of online slot gaming and by sticking to a particular game of your choosing that you really enjoy.

By playing with online slot games in this way, you can be sure that you are genuinely enjoying yourself and not getting sucked into a tornado of only gaming in order to win something, and not only that, but the more you familiarise yourself with a particular game that you especially love to play, the more you will get to know the game play itself and the more chance you stand at bagging an honest win, or better still, learning an honest way to cheat with that online slot game. 

History of online slot cheats 

You could say that it was once a bit easier to find honest ways to cheat at slots as there was just a little bit more out there when it comes to slot machines and the cheats that worked with these – more so than there are in the physical world now anyway. 

So, you could say that honest ways to cheat at online slots are few and far between. This makes sense though, as all slot games we play now are online and these are ran by an algorithm which we are just unable to affect or take control of. 

This is a far cry from the way things used to be. Back in the day when slot machines were popular and not based online, there was a cheat which used a device, and this was placed around the stand of the slot machine so that it would then adjust the games outcome and make sure that the gamer would win a pay out. 

The title of these kinds of devices were known as light wands or monkey’s paw and this latter well known title was taken from the allegorical story from W.W Jacobs whereby a dead monkey granted their owner a bunch of wishes but this ended up badly for that person. 

Imagine trying to do something like this now with an online slot game! Those algorithms have really put a stop to any kind of cheating in this way. Before these came about though, along with the cheat we just mentioned, there was another kind of popular cheating method that gamers used to get a win when playing with slot machine games. 

This way of cheating involved a tool which was then known as a top bottom joint, it was in other words just a piece of metal, normally an aluminium piece of metal, that would get popped into a part of the slot machine game and this would then release coins to the player. Another cheat made desolate thanks to the world of online gaming. 

How you can play and win with honest slot cheats

There are many ways that gamers can play and win with honest slot machine cheats, again while this is a real paradox, playing and winning with a strategy in mind is more or less the same thing as an honest slot machine cheat. It really just comes down to tactics, and the first one is to practice. 

Practicing your online slot gaming methods is always a good idea, and by doing this you will make sure that you have got more ways to win than if you were simply playing an online game and darting from all kinds of different options – by sticking to one game, you can get to know it more and more as the experience goes on, and this means you will figure out patterns or other kinds of things unique to a player that can help you catch a win.