How Games like Bingo can boost your Brainpower

With every advancement in technology that occurs, the human brain is able to recall and retain a lower amount of information.  This is because we all rely on our technological devices for so many things and they do so much for us that we no longer have to do so much for ourselves.  With generations now never having known any different, this could cause all sorts of problems.  We no longer see the need to write down appointments, learn important phone numbers off by heart, or even try to spell words correctly, as predictive text does all of this for us. Read more and find out how bingo games have changed over the years.

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Risk and Reason

Large numbers of the population are at risk from being affected by, what is now being termed as “digital amnesia” which could affect us as a nation.  But there have been studied conducted which have shown that there are ways in which we can slow down the onset of digital amnesia and even prevent it from occurring completely in some cases.  Sadly, it seems that it is the younger members of the population that are most at risk as they have always been reliant on technology and have never used their recall and retention functions to the best of their abilities to exercise them.  So is there something they can do to be able to slow down the occurrence of digital amnesia?

The area of the brain most affected by that of this digital amnesia is called the hippocampus.  It needs to be exercised as frequently as possible so that confusion, memory loss and even more severe issues, such as Alzheimer’s, can be prevented or at least slowed down.  But with so many technological advancements and devices available to help us through everyday life, the hippocampus of many brains is not be exercised to the degree that is required.  This means that the health of thousands of hippocampi is decreasing at a rapid speed and a much earlier age.  But you can use fun ways to keep your hippocampus healthy and increase your retention and recall ability. 

Boost Brainpower with Bingo

In order to boost your brainpower, you need to give your hippocampus the correct amount of exercise so that it can stay strong and healthy.  There are many different ways in which this can occur but some options are much more fun than others for you to use.  Bingo is one of these exciting options which is hugely sociable, fast to play and requires absolutely no skill to be able to participate.  This means that it is completely open to anyone to be able to play it as there is no strategy necessary to be able to participate.

As it can also be viewed as a competitive game, this is another pro to Bingo because it adds an air of excitement to the game which many other games do not have.  With many different types of prizes to be won, including cash, the possibilities with Bingo are seemingly never-ending, especially when you realise how good it is for the health of your brain.

Though we are unable to see the hippocampus, the effect that it has on the overall brain can be large.  Keeping the hippocampus healthy and well-exercised will enable a person to be able to recall and retain information for both longer periods of time and larger quantities of information.  Even if the hippocampus has already been affected, either by digital amnesia or something age-related, such as Alzheimer’s, Bingo is able to reduce the effects.  Other games helpful to boosting the brainpower include those of crosswords, Sudoku and playing the Tray game because they all assist in increasing the health of the hippocampus. 

Memory and Mnemonics

Though you may not know the technical name for them, you will no doubt have come across some mnemonics when you were at school.  They are very often taught to children as an easy way to help them to remember pieces of information that will never change.  Good examples of these can be seen in “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to recall the compass points, and the rhyme starting with £30 days has September…” so that we know how many days are in each month.  This is a very simple concept but one that has worked incredibly well for centuries, with most people transferring these mnemonics through from childhood into their adult lives.  Many people also start making rhymes and mnemonics for themselves to help them to remember information which is important to them specifically.

The concept of mnemonics is helpful for Bingo boosting brainpower because of the word associations.  Even if someone is not able to recall a specific number, they are often able to state a fact about that number instead, and this has been medically proven in multiple studies. In these situations, games such as Bingo are ideal for boosting brainpower as they increase the recall and retention abilities of the elderly, as well as being potentially useful to anyone suffering from digital amnesia.  Let’s take the number 88 as an example of what we are talking about here.  A person with Alzheimer’s may not be able to identify this number or state the word “eighty-eight” but they may be able to recall an alternative piece of information about this number.  It could be the bus they caught to work, they could link it to the famous cooking show of the 90s staring Clarissa Dickinson Wright, called Two Fat Ladies, or they could even live at this number address.  In many ways, it does not matter what the link is, the more important thing is that the information can be accessed. 

Bingo Bonuses

There are lots of positives about playing Bingo in general, but when it comes to boosting the brainpower of an individual, it can be an irreplaceable game.  Bingo can help to slow down or even prevent age-related illness such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and can also assist with digital amnesia in the youngest generation.  Increasing the speed and quantity of mental recall and retention is Bingo’s main pro, and it is certainly a great way to do so.