How Numerology Increases Your Winning Chances at Gambling and Betting

Gambling is a favorite activity of millions of people around the world who enjoy spending time in making betting-related predictions. Betting and gambling are closely connected with numbers and numerology. If you want to find more about this connection, be sure to read this article until the end.

Looking Back in the History

Numerology is an old science that dates to the Middle Ages. This science used to have some connections with mathematics and was mainly popular in Asian and Arabian countries. Today we can see numbers all around us and there are people who are seriously engaged in the same field. Once you visit either an online or a land-based venue, you have an opportunity to see math models and make some calculations.

Speaking about famous nations, the Chinese are known for believing in number eight as the lucky number. On the other, they believe that numbers 4 and 5 are unlucky and do not use them very often.

Gambling and Superstition

Today you can see many gamblers believing in numerology and its influence on betting activity. Most of them tend to perform some rituals to attract luck and happiness in life. It is true that numerology has some advantages when spending time in casinos, but it cannot be applied in skill-based games. That is why you should be careful when making betting decisions and always look for the best practice. Winning is the goal of every gambler so you must keep believing in it. 

Numerology can help gamblers in various forms and allow them to win on a regular basis. Each of us has lucky numbers depending on different factors such as date of birth, time of birth, and similar facts. Some people associate their lives with a certain number and connect the important events with the same. Many gamblers choose number 13 even if it is traditionally unlucky.

On the other hand, some bettors choose number seven and associate it with luck. When placing bets, people use important dates (birthday or historically related dates) and consider them lucky. Numerology is all-around us and we should follow the signs when playing at casinos. Just check out the best Oregon sports betting sites and place first wagers to see the example.

Does Numerology Increase Winning Chances

Is There any Way to Decide on Favorite Number?

There are many ways to learn which numbers could bring some luck in your life. First, you should follow everything that happens in your life and try to associate with gambling. You can base the decision when a certain number repeats in the different stages of your life. For example, you could be born on the same day when you got a job or something similar. By checking all these facts, you could make good resolutions and potentially win.

Gamblers and Their Beliefs 

If we speak about gamblers and their beliefs, we can find many ideas related to the numbers. First, zero seems to be an unlucky number that doesn’t bring any success in people’s lives. Going forward, number one indicates the beginning of the gambling series, which could bring some money.

Number two (2) is also useful according to the bettors. This figure can double your winnings at the casino. There is also number three (3), which is recommended for lottery players. Then again, we can mention number four (4) which is the sign of wealth. Going forward, five (5) is another lucky number that is convenient for bettors. Most of them keep five dollars in the wallet to attract more cash.

Speaking about number six (6), it is related to losses and potential financial damages. In addition to it, there is number seven (7), which brings luck to players, so they regularly choose the number. There is also number eight (8) related to both winnings and potential losses of money. Finally, number nine (9) is a neutral number for gamblers.


Numerology is very interesting science and people are more than recommended to check the basic things about it before making decisions in the practice. Believing in numbers and their influence on your betting activity is more than beneficial for the future.