How Pop Culture Affects Our Dating Habits

We blindly follow the unwritten rules of dating without giving it a second thought. We know that being single is bad because… because being single is bad and everybody knows that. There is nothing you can do ’cause that one of the unwritten rules of online dating and that’s why you are creating an account of​ You know that if you are not dating someone, then you are most likely to be considered a loser. You also know that the more one night stands you are going to have the more successful you are. You also know that if you are a brokenhearted, you are going to be mysterious and thus more attractive for your prospective partners. But, wait a minute, is that really so? And where those unwritten rules of modern dating are coming from?

The funny thing is that dating rules are generally affected by the pop culture. While things are not that simple as it may sound, but, basically, you can say that TV-series and pop songs are telling you what to do. If you don’t believe it, here are few examples how pop culture affects our dating habits.

Finding “the One”

You are reading teenage fiction or watching its TV and screen adaptations, and all of the sudden you find yourself looking for your Jacob, Damon or Edward or whomever. Of course he must be quite a strange character and only you can understand him. And you are ready for the tears and feeling brokenhearted while you are relationship goes through the development hell, ’cause pop songs tell you so. But you know that in the end you are going to be together, as TV series and movies are telling you so. But it turns out that quite often the development hell maybe the first and the final stage of your relationship or, we’ll put it this way, your sleepless nights are absolutely in vain. It’s unlikely that your infatuation would come to fruition. And you would stay brokenhearted listening to Taylor Swift’s ballads.

You Need to Date Someone

Of course, you need to date someone, otherwise you are a complete loser. You can’t be successful without dating someone. You need to find a partner as soon as possible. If no one likes you in high school, then you should register on some online dating service and start dating someone. Everybody needs to know that you are dating someone, at least online, or otherwise… or otherwise what? No one knows what will happen, but people continue following those unwritten roles from TV series that claim that something is wrong with you, if you are not dating someone. But are we afraid of being alone or appearing to be alone?

Hook-up Culture

Mostly, people prefer blaming dating apps for creating hook-up culture. But can we really blame dating apps for that? We learn from songs, TV-series and movies that the more sexual partners we are going to have the more successful we are going to be among our palls. The good thing is that modern movies and TV-series started showing the possible outcomes of hooking up, such as STDs and unwanted pregnancy. So, you should think about all that next time when you are going to offer a one night stand to your chat-mate.