How the woman of the future will improve the world: Zhannabell about a new way of living

Do you feel sometimes that life and the whole world is against you, that God is helping everyone but you? In this case you probably think as well that you are just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life, isn’t it? Zhannabell proves you in this article otherwise and reveals to you a secret: You and every other woman on this earth can have an impact on our entire world. Read now, how and why.

In order to understand how important it is for a woman to recognize and develop her real abilities and power of the feminine energy, we will have a short look on a man’s and a woman’s natural roles.

Driven by goal achievement

A man’s body and mind by nature is always focused on action and goal achievement. If the man is healthy he will develop his abilities and function this way. His nature and purpose is to solve problems and to change the world around him.

We understand that for so much action and goal achievement, solving problems and trying to change the world, will need a lot of energy. If the man has a healthy and natural source of energy everything, everybody and the whole world will be fine. If he doesn’t, he will try to get the energy he needs from alcohol, drugs, computer games etc., these will make him passive and will affect his physical and mental health. And in such a state he will hardly be able to achieve great goals in life that change the world for better.

Driven by mutual aid

By nature a healthy woman’s body is generating an enormous amount of energy so she is able to grow inside of her, nurture and give birth to a whole human being. So a healthy woman is a powerful source of energy that is driven by mutual aid. Such a woman wants to help her children, partners, and parents because her main purpose is to help others. And if she flows with this natural instinct, she is a very powerful, happy, harmonious, successful and beautiful woman. She has a lot of energy and is like a power bank for everyone with whom she somehow interacts and is able to help everyone around her. This is the kind of woman who has an open heart and is the center of everyone’s attention always. She is the one that every man wants to marry, that every company wants in the best position and that feels happy and satisfied in her life.

But if a woman doesn’t lives by her nature and doesn’t follows her instinct of helping others, if she can’t find opportunities to help others, in this case she will most likely not be healthy, feel negative emotions, depression, fear etc. and she will even need energy support herself. At the end of this article you will also learn from Zhannabell a powerful method how you can fast recharge your batteries and even help another woman with this method too.

A powerful source of energy

As we see as woman we have a very important role in the life of a man and of the whole world because we are that natural source of love and energy for our man and the world. This is why it is so important for a woman to understand her nature and to develop her abilities fully. If every woman does that, this world will become very fast, very easily a better, more peaceful, harmonious and beautiful place to live.

Zhannabell is such a woman, she received wise knowledge and training from priests and shamans in her youth, she possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and strong healing abilities. Zhannabell is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess and Shaman Priestess of Northern Altai, she is a Doctor of Psychology and did found the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”. Today she is helping woman around the world as Zhannabell, Shamanic Healer and with her famous Charity work.

The transformative power of feminine energy

Can you remember when you last had a very bad day and then suddenly a friendly passenger that crossed you in the street, did send you a heart warming look and uplifting smile? How did that make you feel? For sure just for this little moment, he did change your world for better with this very small but kind and compassionate gesture.

This is how we can change the world, the feminine energy has the power warm the heart of every person, even politicians, military, judges, businessmen, policemen, doctors, teachers, confectioners so they can change for better. Thousands of women, students of Zhannabell are doing it already and they could change unfavorable circumstances, protect, and heal their families, loved ones and friends.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a woman in this world? Do you want to have such an amazing effect on the world too and live a happy and fulfilled life? Zhannabell teaches woman how they can become a conductor of such energy for others. She receives everyday letters of gratitude and feedbacks about the miraculous changes that happened in her students life, like this story of Mary:

Mary did invest literally the last money she had on one of Zhannabell’s seminars, because she wanted to help her mother, who at that time was in a very critical state of health. Today Mary thanks God that she did listen to this silent inner voice and went to Zhannabell’s seminar, it saved her mother’s life. More than that, her 85 years old mother could barely hear with two hearing kits before and today she is hearing perfectly completely without kit. And Mary did only go to the seminar with an additional individual session for the lineage karma cleaning ritual. Mary’s mother is absolutely healthy, breathes freely and smiles, she is even dreaming of going to the seaside. And Mary herself got a great job offer and got her dream come true. With this example you can see how important it is to join the seminars and attend individual sessions that Zhannabell provides. You can change and save lives.

The “Emergency Battery Charging” Method for women

This amazing practice Zhannabell shares here with you, is able to connect you to an inexhaustible energy source.

Follow this steps:

1. Stand up straight. Put your feet a bit wider than your shoulder width.

2. Put your palms on the bottom of your abdomen. Your right palm covers your left palm. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself in the tunnel.

3. Start swinging your hips from side to side as if you were pushing a wall on the left and right, trying to make the corridor wider and wider. Breathe in through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth. Imagine a tunnel of your possibilities expanding into a wide road.

4. Put out your hands to the sides, revolving your wrists, and imagine how you reel up pearl necklaces – a symbol of well-being – on your wrists. Rotate your hips clockwise at the same time, trying to make circles wider and wider. Feel the energy collect from the surrounding space and accumulate at the bottom of your abdomen. 

5. Place your palms on the bottom of your abdomen again. Your left palm covers your right palm. Start drawing the sign of infinity with your hips. Feel how you learn to manage your energy and guide it to the people you want to support. Wish them good luck, success, health in your mind.

6. Stop. Put your palms on your heart, close your eyes and observe your new state for a few minutes. Mentally thank the whole world, the planet, the Higher Powers for their help and patronage.

Always remember, as a woman, a beautiful flower that can change the world with her wonderful feminine of power. Help your family and the entire planet to have more kindness, love, happiness, health and prosperity.

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