How to add cannabis seeds to your diet?

Cannabis seeds are full of essential amino acids.  To sum up, proteins are made up of amino acids, which are “essential amino acids”: EAAs.  

Our body does not know how to build them on its own. It is, therefore, necessary, beyond having a daily protein intake sufficient, make sure you have the correct dose.  

However, very few plants have all these EAAs. However, hemp and cannabis seeds are very rich in proteins, and they have all the AAE, and this, in proportions close to that we need. 

Thus, eating 50 g per day brings you a good part of our daily needs. 

Thanks to the massive growth of the cannabis market and the legalisation of CBD cannabis in the UK, you can now easily access some great cannabis seeds. Sensoryseeds is one of the shops online for weed seeds that will always bring you the best quality and fast delivery at your door. 

Hemp and cannabis seeds are environmentally friendly 

Far from other healthy food such as avocado, banana, quinoa, chia, etc. Hemp and cannabis seeds are suitable for the planet.  

Cannabis seeds grow in Europe, and they easily and naturally resist most parasites. No need for a roundup or other chemicals. Therefore, you can access the best products from organic farming. 

Cannabis plants do need much water to grow. Contrary to what we can hear, the plant needs a minimum of water for its growth and flowering phases. No wonder since we know that the root dives up to 2 m deep to seek its nutrients.  

With cannabis plants, nothing is lost! Its solid fibres allow it to be grown for many industrial purposes (insulators, ropes, textiles, etc.). Besides, the remains can also be used for gardening and to prevent the growth of bad weeds in your garden, as fodder for livestock. It can also be used in a cat litter, which is actually biodegradable. 

How to use cannabis seeds? 

As you can see, the nutritional benefits of hemp are numerous. In addition, the seeds are reputed to be much more digestible than other seeds such as flax (another very healthy and ecological seed). 

Unshelled seeds can be crunched a bit like pumpkin seeds. Salted, they can be eaten as an aperitif or as a snack. By eating them one by one, you can cut hunger with only 20 grams. 

It is also found in flour for pastries, bread … It is particularly suitable for people allergic to gluten because it does not contain it. 

Finally, we can consume hemp oil in salads, for example. 

  1. Shelled cannabis seeds: they can be used as we do with sesame or chia seeds. With their nutty flavour, they are also or smooth. Cannabis seeds can also be used to make cannabis milk or creamy pastes that you can use as a tasty spread on many snacks. 
  1. Hemp oil: a favourite and easy to use solution. Cannabis oil is easy to add to your cooking, on hot dishes but also to your salads and fresh vegetables. A green and fragrant oil like hay, a delight! 

Germinate your cannabis seeds 

Crunching sprouted seeds is an additional way to provide your body with vitamins, proteins and minerals. Cannabis seeds, germinate them at home! 

Various prepared mixtures of sprouted seeds are commercially available. But why not collect and compose your selections? With a simple glass jar, you can very quickly make a homemade germination space. 

Germination sets off intense biochemical and enzymatic reactions which give germinated cannabis seeds and young shoots extraordinary dietetic properties.  

The contents of vitamins (in particular A, B2, B3, B12, C, D, E, K) are multiplied: nine times more vitamin A in the germs of cannabis after a week of germination.  

Proteins, carbohydrates and lipids undergo a predigesting process which increases the quantities of minerals and essential amino acids available. 

A concentrate of vitality that must be absorbed raw. Hence the advantage of using the sprouted seeds as a condiment, adding them to salads and on raw vegetables, in breakfast cereals, or even on hot dishes just before serving. 

Cannabis seeds and THC 

Cannabis seeds are free form THC: the psychotropic element from the classic marijuana. Hemp is cultivated for its many interests in different fields such as textiles, construction and food. Unfortunately, the many promising applications of hemp collide with cautious legislation that is struggling to issue special permits and support this industry. Too bad, because hemp makes the most durable clothes in the world! 

Final words 

Anyway, if it is not possible to cultivate it yourself, but only if you are living In a country where germinating and growing cannabis seeds is legal. 

In the UK, this is a crime or an offence, depending on the quantity you have. However, several courageous farmers still embark on the adventure of producing cannabis from the best marijuana seeds. 

 With the growth of the CBD cannabis and the legalisation of CBD in the UK and Europe, cannabis seeds can be found relatively easily on market shelves and trough the best online platforms. 

If you want to buy the best cannabis seeds online, will be the right place to go. They are one of the leading cannabis distributors in Europe and the UK. Fortunately, these are always the best cannabis seeds online you can find and delivered to you quickly and anonymously. 

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