How To Attract Money Now: 10 Exceptional Tips To Become A Money Magnet

Having money in abundance is everyone’s right, but still – how many of us can say they are happy with their financial situation? You may be thinking of finding some extra job or a brand new job that will offer you a bigger paycheck, but somewhere in the depths of your mind, you still have one and the same question, “Isn’t there another way to attract money?”

Yes, there is! Actually, there are several ways, tricks, and methods to attract more money. Some are old and passed down from generation to generation, and some are less or more known. However, most importantly, they are extremely effective and work like a charm.

how to attract money now

Let’s take a look at my ten great tips on how to attract money and maintain your wealth in life that I personally tried.

#1 Feng Shui Money Corner

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art whose basic principle is to live in harmony with our environment. It aims to achieve a balance between living and working space and to maximize the use of potential in all areas of life. Feng Shui is a very useful tool that can help you attract and keep money in your life.
Now, each cardinal point symbolizes a part of our life, and according to Feng Shui, southeast (more precisely southeast corner) is an area of finance and wealth. To activate wealth or attract money into our lives, it is important to focus on this area of our home.
Find out where the southeast corner is using a compass and place objects that help activate wealth. According to Feng Shui teachings, wood symbolizes money and wealth, and water symbolizes the flow and the supply of the new. Therefore, flowers, an aquarium, or a wooden money box can be the right choice.
It’s essential to keep your southeast corner clean, that is, no mess, dust, or a bunch of receipts because the southeast corner literally reflects your financial situation. Read more about the money corner in our article Feng Shui: Money Corner (Wealth Corner)

#2 Full Moon Money Ritual

full moon money ritual

The full moon is the phase of the moon when it has the greatest, tremendous power. Its influence on our planet, or human, is undisputed. That is why it is a day suitable for casting spells, witchcraft, and magic in general.
Everything during the full moon is much more intense; if you get hurt during a full moon, you will bleed more or your wound will heal more slowly. If you cast any spell or send your wishes into the Universe, it will tend to occur more quickly.
The magic we will talk about is very simple and all you need is a wallet and a few banknotes. On the full moon night, go out under the moonlight, open your wallet and pull out the largest banknote you have in it. When you stand with your wallet open under the moonlight, imagine money flying from the moon directly to your wallet. If you want to attract $100k, say out loud: “Now I’m attracting $100k. It is a great feeling to have this money and I am very grateful for it.”
You can stand under the moonlight as long as you feel comfortable. If the moon shines in your window, you can do this magic even from your home. This spell is extremely powerful, but keep in mind that you can only do it during a full moon. If the moon is already in a waning phase, your finances will decrease.
Check out this 2020 full moon calendar to see the exact day and time of the full moon in your location.

#3 Cinnamon Magic

Cinnamon is one of the most common spices used in spell work. In ancient times, people (and especially witches) nicknamed this spice as “herbal or magical fire” because of its magical properties. 
Cinnamon provides protection from negative energies, has healing powers, very effectively increases personal vibrations, and intensifies spells. If you want to attract more money into your life, every first eighth day of the month (ie 8th of September, 8th of November, 8th of January..) pour a small amount of cinnamon into your wallet.
To maintain money and wealth in your life, use cinnamon daily. You can either put it in your coffee or yogurt, replace white sugar with cinnamon sugar, or eat a teaspoon of honey with sugar every day.
If you are not a fan of cinnamon flavor, buy cinnamon essential oil, candles, or cinnamon toilet water.

#4 Keeping a Gratitude Journal

“The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have to be grateful for”. ― Zig Ziglar.

When I first decided to attract more money and good fortune into my life, I read this quote and got a tip to write a gratitude journal. I still remember the bittersweet feeling when I wondered why I should be grateful for the little money I had.

It was strange and I did not understand the principle of this technique, however, I decided to keep track of the good things in my life and express my gratitude for everything I already had every day before going to bed.

Over time, my financial situation began to improve, and since I was just keeping a gratitude journal and doing no other tricks to attract money, I knew that the practice of gratitude works. Gratitude is truly a magnet for miracles; The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have to be grateful for.

Start a gratitude journal and write at least five things for which you are grateful every day. It will help you attract more positive energy, transform your money mindset and eliminate limiting beliefs. It may not only be your money, but also the roof over your head, someone who smiled at you on the street, success in something, anything that comes to your mind.

#5 Surround Yourself With Wealth

how to attract money

Money, like everything around us, is energy, and the best way to change our subconscious mind and reprogram it into wealth is to surround yourself with wealth. 

Start listening to inspirational podcasts and interviews with rich people, read books or magazines on wealth, go to the store, and look at the luxury car you want. Look at it, smell the leather seats, touch it. The goal is not to spend enormous sums of money but rather to tune into wealth, soak up those high vibrations. 

It will help you think big and see that if others can do it, you can do it too. Because you really can!

#6 8×8 Manifestation Technique

This technique is very simple and consists of writing a positive statement eight times for eight days. Because we want to manifest money, this statement should be about money and should always be in the present tense, for example, “I am earning $5,000 a month”.

Write this statement eight times for eight days, preferably at the same time each day. Once you write your last eighth statement each day, read it out loud.

In Chinese culture, number eight is the luckiest number and represents fortune, money, and prosperity.

#7 Candle Magic and Money

The candle is an indispensable part of most magic rituals. Candlelight initiates the opening of the matter, releasing, clearing the situation, or manifesting your heart’s desires. An important role is also played by symbols and signs engraved on the candle, as well as the wish or intention for which the ritual is performed.

The color of the candles also plays a very important role. If we want to manifest money, new job, or new opportunities that will help us get rich, green is the right color. Light the green candle whenever possible and do not worry about whether the candle is round, square, high, or low.

#8 “The Secret” Check

I am sure that even if you did not see “The Secret” movie, you have certainly heard of it. This movie, based on the story of Rhonda Byrne, has become synonymous with the “Law of Attraction” and has helped people around the world in all walks of life.

In addition to this movie, Rhonda Byrne, along with other authors and supporters of the Law of Attraction, has created a number of motivational books, mobile apps, and other materials to help you fulfill your dreams. 

One of them is “The Secret Check“, and because I have a very positive experience with it, I decided to include it as one of these tips for attracting money and abundance. All you have to do is print the check, fill in the date, your name, and the amount you want to receive. Once you have done so, place this check on your vision board or put it in a place you often see; you can stick it on a wardrobe, fridge, or carry it in your wallet.

The date you fill in on this check is the day by which you want to achieve your financial goal, not the date you fill out this check.

#9 Birch Bark Money Magic

birch bark sheet

Birchbark resembles a sheet of paper.

A birch is a thin-leaved tree with the whitebark resembling paper. Tear off one sheet of birch bark, write on it the amount of money you desire and the date by which you want to achieve it. Then read your wishes out loud and burn the birch bark sheet.

Ignite this sheet on a stone or other safe place and let it burn. If the birch tree is not in your country, you can order a birch bark sheet from an online store, like

#10 Manifesting Money With Water

Japanese author Masaru Emoto did an experiment in which he examined human consciousness and its effect on the molecular structure of water. He found that vibration and energy could change the physical structure of water.

When we look at the human body in this respect, it consists of more than 60% water, therefore, positive or negative vibrations or energy have a great impact on our lives. This trick with a glass of water to manifest money and abundance is really effective and all you need is a glass of water, a small piece of paper and a pen.

Write your goal, what you want to achieve, on a small piece of paper. If it is money, write the exact amount of money and the date by which you want to achieve it. Now grasp the glass of water and place it on this paper. Read your goal aloud several times while hugging the glass of water with your hands. Finally, drink the water.

These were some of the most interesting tips to attract money and financial abundance that work flawlessly. If you haven’t tried any of them yet, give it a shot and share your experience with us on Twitter @powerfulmantras.