How To Be A Better and Kinder Lover

Do you want to be a better person and offer more love to your partner – these tips will help you do so.

1. Don’t Be Selfish 

The first step to making your woman happy is by making it all about her. Devote all your attention to her pleasure without expecting her to return the favor. Focus on what makes her feel loved and especially the most stimulating forms of foreplay. Make it your mission to ensure she is not only fully prepared for you, but also ensure she gets satisfied at the end of it all. It is by making are overly stimulated that she might probably surprise you in the future.  

2. Focus On Her Erogenous Zones 

One mistake most men make is focusing only on the obvious spots for pleasure. Avoid her nipples, breasts, and the area between her legs for later and focus on other parts to get her turned on.  You can start by teasing the back of her knees, the earlobes, her inner thighs, feet, and finally her lips. Work on these spots spontaneously to make her want you even more.  

3. Shower Her With Compliments 

Let your woman know what you like about her. If she smells good, tell her. Women love compliments; showering her with compliments will not only flatter her but also stimulate her sexually. Don’t just use words, kiss her deeply, and passionately to show how much you love her.  

4. Use Props 

Your body alone and sweet words might not be enough to stimulate your woman.  Lubes, massage oils, and toys might come in handy in stimulating her even more. Take a look at loveplugs. Just be sure to ask for her permission before using anything she might consider ‘intrusive or too much.’ Almost everyone, however, loves a good massage. Starting with a good massage using lubes should get her in the mood. Be sure to invest in textured condoms as well as warmer lubes to get the fire burning. 

5. Plan 

Planning for mind-blowing sex even before getting home, will definitely get her excited.  Send her a naughty text about your plans and what you intend to do to her. Letting her know you want some quality time with her on a specific day or time could be enough to get your woman in the mood. Although spontaneity is recommended, planning well for the night and avoiding anything that might distract your ‘special’ moment is a big plus.  

6. Don’t Push Her 

While planning for an erotic night with your woman might be exhilarating, there are times when she won’t be in the mood. She might also like the idea but not like some ideas you might have about the night. If that is the case, you then need to know when to take NO for an answer, and when not to stop. Pushing your woman to do something she might not be comfortable with (say toys) could kill her mood.  

7. Do Your Homework 

Always do some research before trying anything new with your woman. This is particularly important if planning to try new techniques, positions, or even the style you have always used. Asking for her feedback and letting you guide you through the way can also make you a better lover. Most women are more willing to work with their men to spice their sex life.