How to become a Successful Writer

There are many ways of being successful as a writer. What about persuasive essays?


Would you like to be a successful writer?

This short article looks at types of writing and how to be a successful writer. The article then examines essays and the writing of persuasive essays. The article gives instructions on writing these and gives the skeleton of an example.

Types of Writing

Writers need to decide whether they write fiction or non-fiction. Fiction writers produce non-factual material. Nonfiction writers produce factual material. However, both fiction and nonfiction writers must know about the subject of their writing.

Both face much competition for readership and jobs. There are many types of writing. There are print books, eBooks, articles, advertisements, blogs, and theses to name a few. Although some writers are successful with all types of writing, most can only master a few. Writers must choose one or two types of writing at a time, as they search for those sorts where they can be successful.

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Successful Writing

Although some writers define success in terms of money, there are many ways in which writers measure success. The subject of getting paid for your writing is vast and deserves a book. Let’s focus on something far more specific.

When a person goes to high school or university then they frequently write things that they receive no pay for. Many students write essays and their teachers or lecturers often require them to write persuasive essays.

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay persuades a reader about some idea or argument. A persuasive essay can be about anything that you can argue clearly about. Everyone needs the ability to write a persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Outline

A persuasive essay has a fairly simple structure. It starts with an introduction, which has a hook, which is something that will catch the attention of a reader. The writer states their thesis or position then gives three or four arguments. The introduction leads to a section on the first argument. The article continues through each argument. It finishes with a conclusion that summarizes everything in the essay and finally leads to the opening hook.

The structure is:

·       Introduction

                        I. Hook

                        II. Position

                        III. Argument 1

                        IV. Argument 2

                        V. Argument 3

·       Section1

                          I. Argument 1

                         II. Example

·       Section2

                          I. Argument 2

                        II. Example

·       Section3

                          I. Argument 1

                        II. Example

·       Conclusion

                          I. Summary

                        II. Refer to hook

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How does this work?

I will illustrate this using an example. Hopefully, you will see immediately how to use this structure for a persuasive essay. The example asks a question, puts forward a thesis and three arguments in the introduction then follows the structure shown.

Example: Title and Introduction

Title: Teachers and Freelancing


·       Hook: Should you leave teaching and consider freelancing?

·       Thesis: I left teaching and have successfully worked as a freelancer for five years.

·       Argument one: the oldest teachers find discipline far more difficult, and today, there are other reasons.

·       Argument two: many students need private tutoring.

·       Argument three: if you can write, there is a demand for good writers.


There are three arguments, so there will be three sections. Each argument creates the need for a section. The introduction should finish with some transition to the first section. In the example, the statement,” Now onto why you should leave teaching,” moves the reader to the first section. In your persuasive essays, you must proceed from the introduction in a similar fashion.


The next few paragraphs use the chosen example to show how you argue for your position.

As people age, they find aggression and bad manners more and more unpleasant.  The oldest teachers find discipline far more difficult for this reason. They suffer from stress and humiliation to the point that in some cases their lives are not worth living.

In the past, teachers had more respect than today and teaching was much better paid relative to other professions. In addition, teaching has become too bureaucratic and teachers are more constrained.

The author could add much more to this, based on personal experience and authoritative sources. Once the section on the first section was complete, some transition to the next would complete the first. The author gives similar treatment to the other sections finally moving to the conclusion.

How this author might conclude

We have stated that a persuasive essay should conclude with a summary of the main points then a final reference to the hook. Bearing this in mind, our author might conclude like this, In this article, reasons to leave teaching have been given an alternative occupations have been proposed. My own experiences and numerous reliable sources show that you should seriously consider leaving teaching and becoming a freelancer.


At the beginning of this article, I asked the question, ” Would you like to be a successful writer?” I wrote some thoughts on this before finally deciding to concentrate on the best way to write a persuasive essay. I trust that you have learned how to do this by reading the article. I am sure that the application of my methods will make you very successful at this.