How to Find a Russian Girlfriend?

Russian girls are the world-renowned lucky owners of impeccable natural beauty, facile nature, simple and completely honest personalities, and a true sense of compassion – a mix of traits one may seek throughout the whole world and yet only find it in one place. Moreover, Russian women highly prefer foreigners when it comes to starting love affairs and relationships. And you don’t have to go far nowadays to meet that one foreign girl to fulfill your desires for something true and original in relations between a man and a woman. We’ll gladly share some tips on how to meet a girl online – Russian beauty edition.


Where to Seek Russian Girls Online

So, wondering how to meet a Russian girl online? Start with social media.

The most popular social network in Russia people commonly use to both find or keep in contact with old pals and make new acquaintances is called Vkontakte. There, you can find a partner with filters by age, interests, common friends, religious preferences, education, and other important for the establishment of communication characteristics. You can go to Facebook and Instagram as well – these are pretty packed with people to meet social media channels where geolocation features are also enabled. 

To make your search simpler, however, there are specialized international dating websites and match-making agencies’ websites. Dedicated experts work on the submission and sorting of incoming female subscriptions to let you easily find the girl to really match your preferences and hit the spot. 

Your special attention may go to websites like and similar resources offering erotic live video chats. An excellent way to quench some of your sexual desires, this may not be however your best way to find a Russian girlfriend for real-world relationships. 

How to Attract a Russian Girl Online

A few years ago, a legendary and unfortunately departed couturier Karl Lagerfeld called Russian men ugly. Despite the famous ‘wide Russian soul and strong spirit’, men of Russia mostly fit the ‘manly’ side of attractiveness criteria. The issue here goes deeper than it seems – it is all a cause of improper nutrition, widespread alcohol and nicotine abuse, as well as the hard work-caused manner of living that provokes excessive or insufficient weight. As for women – they always tend to care for their looks and health with full dedication. Therefore, the female Russian pure and natural beauty.


Being a confident, positive-minded male striving for a vivid present life and striving future growth is a sufficient package to go and conquer the Russian pretty’s heart. Be yourself, stay true in your intentions, and you will do just fine. Meanwhile, we’ll share some more handy tips with you. 

What Russian Girls Appreciate in Online Communication

Top 3 things most Russian girls are almost guaranteed to fall for? Your welcome.

More romantics

There is a classic 60s Russian pop song that goes literally like – ‘For there are usually nine boys available for ten girls’. This is a shortage caused by the lack of romantics, care, and gentle manners Russian girls tend to experience. If you’re a romantic type, you’ve practically already won yourself a Russian beauty. Nice flirty words and honest interest in your potential partner’s habits is a way to demonstrate your serious intentions.

More jokes

The mentality of Russians may somewhat differ from the mentality of many other peoples of the progressive world, but they still love having fun and some good laugh like all of us do. Plain compliments and romantic talk should also be balanced. Don’t forget to show your sense of humor on proper occasions – time to time standups to crack up your date is another helpful point. 


Stay honest with your date – young Russian girls value this trait in men very highly, considering it a synonym to manliness. It is no use lying to a woman about your social or relationship status to hide something or seem more ‘awesome’ in her eyes. Mysteries unravel sooner or later, they always do.  

How to Meet a Russian Girl Online: Conclusion


Summarizing our brief analysis to provide you with some optimal directions in how to find a Russian girlfriend, as you can see, the sky’s your limit. Just be caring, fun, and honest (healthy way of life would also be a huge advantage). You may use our resource where you can select a Russian pretty to make acquaintance with from among thousands of registered users.