How to find the perfect CBD vape?

CBD vape pens are, as the name suggests, pen-shaped vaporizers resembling electronic cigarettes. Vape pens exist in disposable (pre-filled) or chargeable forms, and due to their ease of use and discreet design, CBD vape pens have grown in popularity at a rapid pace.

Although CBD is available in many forms, more and more people are discovering the benefits of vaping Cannabidiol. And the reason is simple. CBD vaping is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. In other words, through vaping, CBD enters the bloodstream far faster. The rate of absorption is on the order of seconds or minutes. Compared to CBD tincture applied under the tongue or CBD capsules, where the first effects appear in the order of tens of minutes to hours, vaping CBD is one of CBD users’ most favorite choices.

How to find the perfect CBD vape? Read below.

how to choose cbd vape pen

Quality comes first

When choosing CBD vape, quality is the essential factor to take into account. Although you can’t estimate the quality with the naked eye, the product description should help. What’s more important to focus on is what the CBD vape juice does not contain, rather than the other way around.

Most often, these are various substances that are not safe to inhale. To choose the best product, look for these names (or their abbreviations) and make sure the CBD does not contain them. This information should be clearly displayed either on the packaging or in the product description. Some of these substances are:

(PG) Propylene glycol – PG is a colorless, low-density substance that is used as a thinning agent in CBD vape juices. In addition to the CBD industry, PG is used as an additive in foods, cosmetics, or tobacco products. The Food and Drug Administration has classified PG as a safe substance. However, several cases are known where PG (even in small amounts) has caused respiratory problems.

Vitamin E acetate – This oily chemical is considered dangerous, and its inhalation can cause coughing, pressure on the chest, or even chest pain. Last but not least, it can also damage lung cells. Quality CBD vape should be 100% free of vitamin E acetate.

The perfect choice is the CBD Vape pen from HealthworxCBD that is 100% free of the mentioned Vitamin E acetate, PG, and THC.

CBD Vape pens


Disposable CBD vapes are ideal especially for beginners because they are already pre-filled and its users do not have to do basically anything but inhale. Once the CBD juice runs out, the users have to replace their pen with a new one. Disposable pens are inexpensive and people who have just entered the CBD world should definitely try them.


This type of CBD vape is more suitable for advanced users. Because it’s designed for long-term use, it will require maintenance, charging, and re-filling the juice. Each rechargeable vape pen includes a charger with a USB cable to charge your vape pen. To avoid problems such as overheating, users should always use the original charger that comes with their vape pen.


CBD vape cartridge is, simply put, a removable upper part of the rechargeable CBD vape pen in which there is liquid. These tanks come pre-filled with CBD juice, and all you have to do is attach them to your battery (the bottom of the vape pen). These cartridges differ in milligram strength, usually 300mg (1/2 gram) or 500mg (1 gram), and in various flavors. Try The CBD offers CBD carts in a wide range of well-known strains, such as Indica, Grand Daddy Purple, Strawnana, or Super Lemon Haze.

Lab tests

If you are looking for real quality, check out lab testing results. This document should be available within the product description or on a special page dedicated to a detailed analysis of the company’s products.

The laboratory testing certificate should be up-to-date, with information on the Cannabidiol content and THC levels. And no, you don’t have to be an expert on CBD. The Cannabidiol content and the THC levels are the most important details for you that should be easily found in the lab results. Also, the Cannabidiol content should be high; instead, the THC should be at very low values, if not zero.

If you have not found a certificate on the company’s website, nor has it been provided to you on request, you should consider another CBD company.


Vaping is undoubtedly the best way to consume CBD. Due to its rapid absorption and entry into the bloodstream, vaping is the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD. This will be appreciated not only by people who are looking for quick relief from pain but also by those who want to relax their minds or treat insomnia.