How to get enough sleep for 4 hours – the secret of hereditary Shaman Aayla

If you really want to get enough sleep, then you should stop saying such phrases as “drop into sleep, fall into sleep, flake out”, etc. Preparing to go to bed, you, unconsciously, get into the lowest and dirtiest level of dreams. In such dreams you lose something, you are late for something, or someone attacks you. But you can do absolutely nothing about it. Do you wake up tired and irritated? Let’s change it once and for all!

Who are shamans, and why everything is different about them? They don’t sleep a lot, but they look fresh and manage to do a lot of things. They are popular as movie divas, and they look younger and younger without cosmetic surgery every year. They move freely around the countries despite the quarantine, and never get sick, they don’t even catch a common cold. Would you like to be the same? Check out the life hacks about the shamanic way to get enough sleep for 4 hours.

Life hack #1. Prepare your body to sleep

Do any physical exercises for 10-15 minutes half an hour before you go to bed. Have a walk, dance, do yoga or even a dynamic warm-up. This will allow you to realize the energy that you have not used during the day, and it will not create anxiety during sleep. At least, take a contrast shower, switching from hot to cold water and washing yourself from face to feet.

Life hack #2. Prepare your room for sleep

The air should be as fresh and cool as possible. It is better if you sleep in a room not crammed with furniture, TV, and other sources of heavy energy.

Life hack #3. Prepare your emotions for sleep

Transfer your emotional energy to higher states – gratitude, forgiveness, prayer. To do this, light candles, turn on special music, and stay face to face with the Almighty. Sincerely ask for forgiveness for all your evil thoughts and actions you did during the day, thank for all the situations that helped you watch and improve yourself. You can do it standing or sitting, or even dancing spontaneously.

Life hack #4. Protect your sleep

Put shaman amulets, averters, objects that you brought from the places of power and retreats near your pillow. They will protect your sleep from negative energy, which can attack your body while it is sleeping.

Life hack #5. Set your internal alarm clock

When you close your eyes, imagine a clock and mentally place its hands on the time you want to wake up rested.

Life hack  #6. Ask for help

Ask the Higher Powers for help! In your dreams, just like in any other situation, the Higher Powers can discover an infinite source of resources for you.
If you want to get more from sleep than just rest, Aayla Shaman invites you to an incredible journey.

Start preparing for a dream as you do  for a trip:

  1. Define the purpose of your trip
  2. Explore the map of the area
  3. Contact your friends in advance, and make sure you do not meet any unpleasant people
  4. Take everything you need with you

Achieve your goals in your dreams.

Doing nothing and having everything – isn’t it what you have been dreaming about since childhood? This is because children still remember being in a subtle plane, where our souls come from. You don’t have to fight for resources, compete and spend energy on materializing desires in the subtle plane. Everything is simple – you wish for something and get it, and the speed of fulfillment of your wish depends only on the intensity of your desire. That’s why sleep is a great opportunity to wish for what you lack in the subtle plane, and get it in the material world.

Go I know not whither.

First of all, you need to know exactly in which of the 4 worlds of the subtle plane is something you need. For example, if your health has become poor, you can restore it by going to the lower world, where your life energy has gone.  You can find the well-being in the world of the present, and you can design the realization of your plan in the world of the future… The world of eternity has the answers to the most intimate questions about your predestination, mission, individuality and soul. Aayla Shaman has been traveling through the subtle worlds to help people for over 25 years. She has made a detailed map and is ready to be your guide during individual and group travels.

Who is your friend.

Each of these worlds is inhabited by the Spirits, the creatures of the subtle matter plane. Each of them has its own goals, ways to achieve them and character. Among the Spirits there are those that are interested in helping you, but there are also those that will want to take advantage of your ignorance and get your life energy without giving anything in return. Aayla Shaman collaborates with artists who, by her description, create portraits of the creatures of the subtle plane. Thanks to this, you will accurately distinguish the patron of money Dzayan Dzayachi from its insidious daughters – masters of empty illusions and missed opportunities.

All that is mine with me all the time.

You will be able to take only something made of subtle matter with you to the subtle plane. Aayla Shaman recommends taking the assistant Spirits, whom she calls during special rituals, and settles in special amulets for you. Aayla Shaman will befriend you with the Spirits, which will be for you the means of travel (a kind of transport for movement), protectors, advisers, and a source of titanic power.

Aayla Shaman creates special conditions so that every night you can realize your goals and achieve them in reality at her retreats. That’s why on her YouTube channel you will find a lot of positive reviews from different people who restored their health and youth, who managed to invite love and prosperity to their homes, and even the winners of all kinds of competitions and business projects.

We wish you pleasant and conscious dreams! Share this article with everyone you want to see happy, healthy, and successful! Let’s be happy together!

AAYLA – Supreme White hereditary shaman of 21 century. The voice of the souls on the Earth. Her abilities are proved by numerous scientific experiences. Creator of the School of Siberian shamanism. She is an open channel for contact with the spirits of ancient civilizations.  Leading master of the school “The power of the lineage”, Master of spiritual healing with over 20 years of experience