How To Grow Affection And Attraction Between You And Your Partner

The key to having a healthy long-lasting relationship is to make sure the affection and attraction between you and your partner keep growing. Every relationship has unspoken expectations and needs that both partners should try to fulfill. Once you and your partner are on the same page, navigating your relationship dynamics becomes easier. But for that to happen, you first need to have developed a solid connection with them. So, here are a few ways you can grow the affection and attraction between you and your partner.

1. Learn Their Love Language

Love languages are ways in which you express your love for your partner. Understanding your partner’s love language will help you express your affection for them in a way they will understand.w There are five different types of love languages: physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and receiving gifts. And everyone has a different language in which they communicate as well as how they receive love language messages 

Love languages are simple to learn and using them can transform your relationship for the better. Without realizing it, your partner will appreciate the effort you put into expressing your love for them in a way that they receive it best. The fun part is when you both get to figure out what each other’s love language is and then slowly ease yourselves into doing what both of you like instead of getting mixed messages and misunderstandings. Love languages are a two-way street, so if your partner is doing it right, you should reciprocate the feeling.

2. Listen to Them and Express Interest

Listening to your partner and constantly showing your curiosity and interest in them will help you build a solid foundation of attraction and passion. Simple things like listening to them talk about their day, indulging in their interests, remembering little details about them, asking how they’re feeling, etc., can go a long way when it comes to building a fun and healthy relationship. 

Replying with short, one-word answers and not paying attention to them will all be taken as signs of disinterest, and that certainly won’t help your relationship grow. Show them that you care about every little aspect of them, and their life and you will see that they will reciprocate your interest and curiosity. Take every chance you get to learn something new about them and do things with them that bring them joy.

3. Express Your Appreciation For Them

Without letting your partner know how much you love and desire them, it’ll seem like you’re drifting away from them, and because no one is a mind-reader, they won’t know how you feel.. Every relationship works differently, and while expressing constant appreciation isn’t a testament to a good relationship, showing your affection every now and then will help strengthen your bond. You can show your appreciation in many different ways. Leave them little notes saying how much you love them, compliment them, let them know how much they mean to you and how they’ve impacted you, etc. If not through words, you can express your appreciation through actions. Hugs and kisses, cuddles, and soft touches are all ways to communicate your love for your partner.

4. Work on Your Physical Relationship

As mentioned before, every relationship has its own dynamic and the factors that influence a relationship are subjective. If both you and your partner are the types that crave physical attention, then maintaining a good sex life is essential to sustaining the attraction between you two. If you feel that your sex life is losing its fire, then experiment and try something new. Figure out what they like and incorporate them into your physical relationship. If you feel as if you might need to improve your sex skills, The Pleasure Keys discusses in detail all the ways you can do so. Make sure your partner fully consents to whatever new adventure you start. 

There’s nothing more intimate and rawer than exposing yourself to your partner. But remember, physical intimacy extends beyond the element of pleasure. It is also a means for you to become vulnerable in front of your partner, which requires immense amounts of trust. A healthy sex life, however one may define it, will keep the spark of excitement and attraction alive. Physical relationships extend beyond just sex. Being comfortable with your partner’s touches and proximity is an indicator that you’re in a safe place with your partner.

5. Go out on Dates

Taking some alone time out of your busy everyday lives for just you and your partner to spend together is a great way to keep the mutual affection and attraction building. You don’t need to go on meticulously planned dates every day. Something as simple as making breakfast together or going on walks together is all it takes to instill a sense of oneness and stability in your relationship. Make certain activities that you both enjoy doing a part of your daily routine. You’ll fall into a comfortable space of familiarity and safety when you spend your time together doing the simple things that add texture to life. Every once in a while, get dressed up and go on a fun date trying new things and uncovering something new about your partner.

6. Develop Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy can be defined as letting oneself connect more deeply and intimately with a partner through actions that express gratitude, vulnerability, trust, and appreciation. A healthy relationship always has immense emotional intimacy between its two partners. Emotional intimacy is the ingredient that makes you feel more comfortable and secure in your relationship. It gives you the confidence to be your true self without worrying about compromising your relationship. 

A relationship that lacks emotional intimacy will probably also lack a sense of security and support. The key to developing emotional intimacy is to establish a trusting relationship with your partner. This means creating an open and judgment-free zone where both you and your partner can just be yourselves. With increased emotional intimacy, you’ll become more comfortable sharing your feelings, thoughts, troubles, and desires. Tell your partner what you’re feeling and when they express themselves, keep reaffirming them and let them know how much you love them.

These are just a few of the many ways you can strengthen your relationship with your partner. When you truly love someone, the process of deeply connecting with them feels magical. So, if you want to make your relationship a magical and memorable one, keep the tips we’ve given you in mind.