How to Increase Your Odds at the Casino


Visiting a casino with your friends can be a fun way to spend an evening, no matter what happens. But let’s be honest: it’s much more fun when we’re on the winning side more often than not. Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that — there are, after all, too many factors at play, including odds. Anyone who’s played their fair share of poker (or other games) knows that odds can often be the deciding factor. 

But did you know that there are ways you can increase your odds at the casino tables? It’s true! From using an introductory slots deal to gain practice, to practicing meditation, there are plenty of tried and tested methods for increasing your chances of a positive outcome. We’ll take a look at two essential methods below.

Practice Makes Perfect

“The harder I work, the more chance I have of success” is a sentiment that most people can nod their heads at. It just rings true. If you’re looking to improve your chances at the casino (or anywhere else, for that matter), then it can pay to get plenty of practice under your belt. It takes time to gain insights that can give you slight advantages at the tables or machines. 

In Blackjack, for example, it’s possible to increase your odds by learning when is best to hit or stick depending on what the dealer is holding. Having knowledge of the game increases the odds – although still not technically in your favor, the house edge is reduced when competent players sit down at the table.

If you’re just waiting until you’re at the casino before you begin playing, then you’ll be making all your mistakes as you’re trying to win. It’s better to play online beforehand to hone your skills. There are no-deposit deals you can use to practice games without spending money. 

Get in the Zone 

Some people just blame the universe anytime they lose a hand. However, if they looked back on their actions with a critical eye, they’d probably discover that it wasn’t the universe that cost them the game but their own mistakes. There’s no way to completely remove mistakes from the equation, but there are things you can do to keep them at a minimum. 

In a game of part skill like poker, it’s important to get in the zone to minimize errors. If you can keep your head clear, then you’ll have the clarity you need to make the best decision possible. The best way to clear your head and enhance your focus is to make meditation an everyday part of your life. If you’re able to focus – truly focus – then you’ll naturally find that you make fewer costly mistakes when playing.

As we said at the beginning of the article, you can’t guarantee victory — but you can increase your odds and make it more likely!