How to Keep the Attraction in a Long-Distance Relationship

A recent study shows that the success rate of a long-distance relationship is just 58%. This comes as no surprise since there is a tendency for lovers involved in long-distance relationships to lose their steam after a period.

While these statistics are fact-based, there are proven ways to keep the juice and make your long-distance relationship feature among the successful ones. Here, we’ll show you the eleven best ways to keep the attraction in a long-distance relationship.

1. Keep the Chase

We hate to tell you that you are not the only one finding your partner attractive. There’ll be lots of people seeking their attention while you’re away. Forget demanding faithfulness and make it easy for your partner to stay true to you by showing you value them. One way to know is how often you make out time for them.

2. Plan Surprise Visits

Have you heard the saying that “lovers always find time to be together?” Where possible, plan your journeys to take you past your darling’s location and make a stopover. You never know how much many wish they could only open the door and find you there. Make it come true!

3. Look Good for Your Partner

You’ll be doing yourself some good to look colorful and attractive when making a video call with your lover. While your morning looks can bring a sense of togetherness (let’s face it, not everyone gets to see how we look coming out of bed), your darling would also love to see you look stunning.

Try not to have those visual conversations only early in the morning or late at night when you’re looking tired. You know, why keep the good stuff for outsiders alone?

4. Learn to Read Cues

Sometimes, your partner may not know how to express themselves. Learn to read expressions and probe gently what the matter may be. Do not appear assertive because you may be wrongly interpreting the cue. You may appear stalking doing so.

5. Surprise Your Partner with Gifts

No, we aren’t talking of something from Amazon. How about packaging something once in a while and sending it through a courier to your darling? Think of something your partner had fantasized about during one of your chats. Send, along with the gift, an item with a personal touch like your handkerchief or anything peculiar to you.

6. Have Online Dates

Thanks to technological advancement, you can see movies together on the same platform and discuss them. Listen to songs, cook a meal, and have games together.

7. Plan Together

Carry your partner along on whatever you are doing, no matter how minute you think it could be. Doing so gives your partner a sense of belonging and lets them know you’re considering them in your decisions.

One of such plans should be your future together. For example, if you’ve been successful immigrating to the UK, discuss plans of getting your partner to come over.

8. Learn to Apologize Genuinely 

Be quick to admit your faults, even those you think are not, so long as your partner points them to you. You wouldn’t gain much defending your actions. There’ll be lighter atmospheres to straighten things out some other times. Meanwhile, be willing to improve on critical subjects your mate brings up.

9. Learn to Listen

One mistake people make in a long-distance relationship is not giving full attention to the other half when dialoguing. A thousand things can be running through the other person’s mind why you are so distracted. You had hoped they were not thinking the worse.

If you wouldn’t be able to pay attention as much as they wish because you’re occupied, spare a few seconds to explain your situation. Promise to return the call when you are less busy and set a reminder if you must, so you do not forget to honor your promise.

10. Be Open

Create an atmosphere that allows you to share your fears and joys about each other and the relationship. Doing this will help you avoid secrets that can cause a break in communication when they become known.

Talk about your secret admirers and how you dealt with them. When doing this, be careful not to hurt your mate by making comparisons. Also, you must overcome jealousy for this to work. Do not forget that your spouse has their life to live, which remains so even when you come together.

11. Keep Communication Meaningful

You shouldn’t talk too frequently. Ensure there is something concise to communicate with your partner for the most times you call. Not doing this can make communication become routine and bring boredom. Many describe boredom as a worm that secretly eats up relationships.

Final Thoughts

The most crucial thing in a long-distance relationship is to plan for your reunion. You would be wise to speed up plans to bring your spouse over using a UK partner visa application. Nothing can replace the love forged by ending each day in your partner’s embrace.

Moreover, we hate to tell you that your partner most likely has admirers around waiting for a slip-up. Would you give them a chance?