How to solve the leadership problem

The emphasis on the fact that companies need strong leaders, and not just supervisors, has been made for at least the last five years. The idea is still warming that a good supervisor and leader are one and the same, but already cause much more doubts. We know that a manager and a leader are different concepts, but the world is not yet ready to get used to this knowledge.

But then what qualities should has a person to be a leader?

We can name much of them.

Be calm…

Be confident in yourself…

Break the rules…

Be honest…

Be flexible…

Have knowledge…

And so on.

Knowledge is so much explosive thing that we can not even imagine.

On different trustworthy sources like f.e. Forbes or Financial Times we could find hundreds of articles and topics about leadership but it is clearly even for school guys that manager who heads a company should focus not only on the production process, but also work on his own authority in the eyes of the staff. Otherwise, an informal leader who has taken a special position in the team will have greater influence.

To act according to circumstances, you need to understand: how informal leaders of the organization attract the masses? Maybe they simply fascinate with their own charm, a positive approach to life?

But in any case, the Director needs to establish contact with employees and take the lead role. For this purpose there are corporate parties, joint trips and other events that help to understand the relationship in an informal setting, to get closer to people. It would be good for the company and its own authority, and work on their own mistakes has not hurt anyone. With a skillful approach, the leader and the informal leader can become allies. Only you need to try and find the right solution, focusing on the situation.

For example: a positive person who does not pursue the goal to take someone else’s place and harm the authority of the management, often looking for ways of self-realization and can bring a lot of benefit, both to the team and the Director. Such leader should be encouraged to involve in the decision of organizational issues and the formation of desired attitudes in the workplace. In this case, the informal leader plays a constructive role in the team, and there is no reason to fight with him. It is very important to create a comfortable working environment for such a person, to get rid of routine and to make the most of the impact that he is able to have on employees.

In a problem where a formal leader and an informal leader are competing in terms of influence on the team, the main thing is to find a solution suitable for a specific situation.

If a person that influence the whole team, really wants to become a leader, then, taking the coveted place, can calm down and stop harming the legitimate leadership. But when it is not possible to turn such a person into his own partner, then there is no other choice but to find a way to break his ties with the cohort of followers. Such a role is usually played by employees with a weak character, who can be won over to their side.

Author: Serg Dum

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