How to Stop Comparing Your Progress With Others And Get Upset About It

Comparing yourself to others can be frustrating, jealous, and even damaging to self-esteem. But this does not mean that you need to remove all applications and stop looking at people. We will tell you who you should compare yourself with and how to maintain a love for yourself when peers in social networks start businesses and earn big money.

Understand why you are comparing yourself to others

Usually, people compare themselves to others, because it is only against the background of others that you can evaluate your achievements, praise, or scold yourself. That is how the psychologist Leon Festinger explains this phenomenon — he came up with the theory of social comparison in 1954. Its provisions were refuted or changed over time, but the essence remained — a person, to evaluate their usefulness, needs to compare oneself with someone. And with both similar and dissimilar people — for greater accuracy.

It turns out that comparing yourself with someone is a natural desire of a person. Even when you address rapidessay service, you might think that someone is doing everything by oneself. But it is not always possible to derive something useful from it. More often than not, the outcome is frustrating or even envious. Comparison is a feeling that is more often confusing and harmful. Modern psychologists agree with this. To make it useful, they advise first to love yourself and accept all the pros and cons and then proceed to comparisons.

Compare yourself only to yourself and notice your progress

Make yourself a measure of success. Keep a diary or list your accomplishments. With their help, you can track whether you have made progress towards your goals and how much is left before their implementation. When your attention is focused on your own life, there is no time to compare yourself to others.

For example, a week ago, it seemed to you that handmade jewelry is difficult for you. And yesterday, you learned how to make a garland and a spruce wreath ourselves and your house for the holiday. It is your little victory, write it down in your diary. And celebrate such merits further.

Look for motivating people who are like you

Comparing yourself to others is helpful if it doesn’t hurt your self-esteem. With the correct verification of success, you can understand how you can achieve great results — in work, school, and personal life. It is worth starting by looking among your idols for people who have followed your path. Remember to focus on the right aspects of idol life. For example, dedication and efficiency, not the number of likes. It is crucial not just to copy another person, but to look for something from them that will help you become better yourself.

Love yourself but work on your skills

A person needs to treat oneself with love but, at the same time, to notice flaws. This helps to build normal self-esteem and forms the correct image of yourself. That is how you learn to accept yourself for who you are, rather than constantly comparing and checking your achievements against others for evaluation.

Remember, everyone has failures

There are no achievements without losses. Humanity, as a whole, has made many mistakes in its history — sometimes, this has led to disasters. But still, we continue to live, develop, and even make great discoveries because we don’t give up, even when we feel utterly discouraged.