How To Switch From Picking Up Your Weed In Person To Getting It Delivered To Your Doorstep

The use of both recreational and medical marijuana has seen a sudden spike in the time of the pandemic. There have been more people leaning into pot smoking in the USA now than ever before. With more than a million people locked into their homes, there is no reason why this shall come as a surprise to us.

While there are medical publications that have called this out as a faux pas, considering that the current pandemic is that of a lung and breathing disorder, there is very little correlation between the responsible use of weed and the current medical crisis. Access to marijuana has now moved to doorstep delivery to make lives a lot easier.

The use of marijuana in California especially is a very day-to-day task. This sudden shutdown has caused many users to be stunned. Some users are dependent on them for anything from stress to actually medical prescription usage. Many make this argument if the pharmacy can be open; this is also an essential supply considering its legality in today’s world.

While we dive into the change in the way our supplies reach us, this article in no way encourages abuse of cannabis. It’s essential to keep a mental note that any habit can pick up pace over time, and keeping a tab on your consumption is quite important. The weed reaching your doorstep is not the only reason to indulge.

So What Is The Reason For Increased?

Being locked inside your house is a good enough reason. Both physical shops and dedicated online stores have come into the picture these last few months. 

Shelter in place means the use of substances is much easier and more convenient. Also, in a strange string of luck, the sale of marijuana was listed as an essential product in many states.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is one of the departments to spearhead this change. If you are looking for some weed delivery San Jose has to offer; then it actually becomes much more comfortable than before.

Just before the call for shelter in place was announced, there were long queues all across the country at dispensaries and pot-shops. These were people who looked to stock on the supplies before the shops closed. 

However, the pandemic did not disrupt the sales in any way. Today weed can reach your home, and this might become the new norm.

To state an example,, a leader in weed delivery San Diego has to offer, stated that they saw a five-hundred-percent increase in the sale after the shelter order was made. They stated that the sale of these products went from an average of two-hundred orders a day to around thousands.

How To Make The Switch?

While all of these seem like encouragement enough to get yourself some herbs, you must keep in mind that few steps to ensure the pandemic does not get the better of your recreational habit. The first step is to look for a website that you like and has the strands that you are looking for and stick to them. There are many options in the area.

If you find it hard to change your deal, you can also get in touch with your old pot-shops and ask them about delivery. Many stand-alone stalls are also making their way into the business to meet the rising demand. This will also ensure you of the quality, as you can trust the source a lot more.

The critical thing to note is the exchange. Make sure you discard all the packaging that it comes in and wash your hands soon after the pickup. 

All delivery personnel are now open to contact-less delivery, so ask them to leave it at your doorstep. Depend upon payment apps like an online platform, Cash App, or Venmo to make payment.  

If making the switch seems scary, then it helps to talk to people and find out what supplies are doing a good job. There is no better testimonial than word of mouth. If you are comfortable ordering goods online, the same steps of caution are applicable even in this industry.

What A Store Can Do To Keep Business Compiling.

While more industries have understood the gravity of the pandemic, it is vital to take extra caution when the delivery of any products is taken care of. The stores must use web-apps to improve the quality of order collections. As getting out of the house gets harder, this small change is sure to help the business thrive.

The delivery person must be briefed about the caution on delivery. They should be encouraged to wear masks and gloves to ensure health and hygiene are kept in check. 

While contactless delivery is a thing today, it has also caused many distributions to go missing. Strange times. The delivery person should get in touch with the consumer to make sure they are done according to the customer’s reach.  

Stores need to make this practice more practical with available payment modes. Supplies should be open to online payments as opposed to cash or cheques. It is also harder for supplies to make delivery of these products in such a time, so it’s essential they plan out all the limbs of the network before kick-starting business.  

In Conclusion,

There is a reason why this trend has taken place, and it can be helpful to use all. But there are many sellers out there who are hard to trust and could supply you bad weed. In a time of a medical crisis, the last thing you want is bad quality substance or delivery.

Make sure you spend sufficient time doing research on the right place to order from. Set aside time. It is worth it. 

There are a few reliable lists online that can help you make the most of them. It also helps to ask other friends who indulge in the same.

Lastly, Stay safe and stay indoors. Do not let the thrill of smoking pot snowball into something much worse. Enjoy your recreations with mindfulness and responsibility.