How to Tame Your First Date Anxiety

A bit of excitement before a date is quite a normal reaction. You don’t know how your meeting will go and whether you like each other or not. That’s why you’re so worried. The easiest way to get rid of this anxiety is to tune to the right mood and stay positive. Even if something goes wrong, you’ll still get the invaluable experience and become a bit better and more successful in communicating with the opposite sex. But if this is not enough for you, here are some more tips.

How to get rid of stress before a date

Anxiety always manifests itself physically through blushing, excessive sweating, tremor, nervous tics, and so on. These symptoms occur because when you’re too excited, your body starts producing a lot of adrenaline, which causes the nervous system to react accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with this, as it’s common for all of us. Such symptoms can become a cause for concern only when you experience them in a calm state. Some try to overcome dating anxiety with alcohol or drugs, but this is not the best solution.

No need to be shy of your physiological reactions. If your companion notices that you’re acting a bit oddly, you can honestly confess that you’re worried, and it will be much better than coming on a date drunk.

How to stop worrying on a date

Concentrate on your companion

A person becomes nervous when he concentrates on what’s happening. To calm down and tame your dating anxiety, you need to focus not on the date itself but on the person sitting in front of you. You need to act so that your emotions don’t act against you. It’s almost like boxing: if you don’t hit your opponent first, he hits you. But a date is not a fight. Since you decided to ask your companion out, then you probably like her. And she hardly came on a date just to talk, so she expects you to take the initiative. So just start acting, and the excitement will go away on its own. You won’t even notice it.

Don’t worry about the anxiety

Don’t fight the excitement – you can’t defeat it this way. The more you resist and try to contain your inner reactions, the more nervous you become, and the situation gets worse. There’s only one way to defeat the excitement – ignore it. Let it be, don’t pay attention to it, and enjoy the evening.

Don’t try to make a good impression

Trying to seem too perfect won’t benefit you in any way, so let yourself be yourself. You want your companion to see you as you are. This is especially important if you’re interested in building a long-term relationship with her; otherwise, you won’t be able to do it, as you can’t pretend to be the person you’re not forever. But being yourself doesn’t mean exposing all your shortcomings and concentrating on them. It means growing as a person and not playing games; changing what you can change, and accepting what can’t be changed.

Blow off some steam

Some people advise to listen to loud music before a date or try some psychological techniques, like shouting loudly. While it can actually help you raise your spirits, the thing is that such methods give a short-term effect and cause a certain addiction. Soon after you begin using them, it will become difficult for you to bring yourself into a cheerful mood without them. It’s much better to overcome your fears silently, at the expense of your willpower. Learn to do what’s necessary, regardless of how worried you are. This approach is the most effective for controlling the feelings overwhelming you. And it has a lifetime effect. It not only allows you to quickly get rid of the excitement but also shapes your character.

A couple of practical tips to stop worrying before a date

– Ask your companion out to the place where you feel comfortable. If an expensive restaurant isn’t your type of establishment, don’t go there. Take a walk instead;

– Do something you wouldn’t normally do: try talking to a stranger on a bus stop or go online and date Russian singles on some international dating site, for example;

– Plan a few smaller dates the same day. On the second date, you’ll be less worried than on the first one. Communicating with the opposite sex regularly, you’ll quickly get used to it, and soon, all the excitement that bothers you will disappear.

It’s important to understand that you can’t get rid of your dating anxiety once and for all; it doesn’t work like that. You’ll still experience it from time to time, but it won’t be that obvious, and you’ll learn to control yourself. But anyway, without this excitement any date would be boring, and it doesn’t matter whom you spend it with. So feel the whole buzz of the upcoming meeting and enjoy it. Only real actions can overcome the excitement and, thus, defeat it. All you need is to step over yourself. The only person, who keeps you from building a happy personal life, is yourself. And all you need to start living such life is to ignore your negative emotions and do what you need to do.