How To Tell Your Third Eye Is Opening: 5 Ways To Check Your Psychic Abilities

You’ve probably heard about the third eye by now. It’s one of the most commonly discussed topics in the field of psychic gifts and intuitive awareness. The third eye is your inner eye, a mysterious organ that exists at the center of your forehead. It’s sometimes called the “ pineal gland” because of its resemblance to a pine cone.

It has long been believed that this gland is key to connecting with your intuition and developing clairvoyant abilities. In fact, there have been many records of people who possessed such abilities long before science caught on to them as psychics. However, some people might not be aware that they have their own special abilities or simply ignore their inner sight as a result of childhood trauma or other negative experiences.

This article will help you understand how to tell if you have an open third eye, and how to use your psychic potential effectively by checking it regularly.

how to tell your third eye is open

Pressure Between Your Eyebrows

If you feel a constant “pressure” in your forehead, or more specifically, between your eyebrows, it can be an early sign that your third eye is opening, as it is a reflection of increased psychic energy. It’s also a common occurrence during meditation, when you’re trying to focus on your thoughts and stay in the present moment, or are experiencing heightened spiritual awareness.

The third eye is located just above the middle of your forehead and is said to be the center of all psychic activity, therefore, you feel the pressure in this very place. Nevertheless, it is important to observe how much pressure you have in the area between the eyebrows, how long it lasts, and when you feel it most often. This is because the pressure between the eyebrows can also manifest itself when you are stressed, physically exhausted, or have some health problems.

Buzzing And/Or Headaches

Eventually, most people begin to feel a “buzzing” or “buzzing feeling” in their head or on their forehead. This is your third eye being “opened” and ready to connect with your intuition. Sometimes, this buzzing feeling is accompanied by a headache and fatigue, or a completely new feeling in your head or neck area. These are all signs that your psychic abilities are awakening.

While it’s normal to feel some mild discomfort and even a headache, it’s important to talk to a doctor if you experience any intense headaches or if you don’t feel right. Headaches can be indicators of serious health problems, like a brain tumor, blood clot, or other serious medical conditions.

A Sudden Influx of New Ideas or Insights

If you feel that you suddenly “get” a new insight, idea, or insight about something that has been bothering you, your third eye has opened. Sometimes, you’ll feel a sudden “knowing” about something without a clear memory of what it was that inspired that knowledge.

Opening your third eye can also lead to intense inspiration, new ideas, and insights. You might receive a new insight about a project at work, a new creative idea, or an insight about a person that you’ve been struggling with. You might also feel an overwhelming flood of inspiration or an “electric charge” that leads to sudden and powerful insights.

You may sometimes wonder how it is possible that you suddenly see a solution to previously hopeless situations, or where so much inspiration came from, and an open third eye can be the answer.

Increased Spiritual Awareness And Connection

As your third eye opens, you might begin to “feel” the presence of others, or have a clear sense of your place in the universe. You might experience an intense “feeling” of someone’s presence around you or a feeling of “knowing” who someone is without a clear memory of where that information came from. If you begin to feel a strong “presence” in your life or a strong sense of your place in the universe, your third eye has opened. This feeling most often occurs in people who previously felt as if they did not belong anywhere in this world.

If your third eye is open, you can also see the energetic vibrations around you, which can give you a deeper understanding of the world around you, or you may feel as if the universe is putting in your way people who have a similar life story, or with whom you feel like you have known them for many years, even though you have just met them.

Ability To Predict Things Before They Take Place

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly an image of a woman falling to the ground is projected before your eyes. Even before you start thinking about why something like this has appeared in your mind’s eye, it will actually happen in front of your physical eyes.

Some believe that having a third eye open allows one to see things beyond the physical, which could explain why some people are able to predict events before they happen. If you have the third eye open, it is as if you are a receiver receiving information before it takes place.

It is not uncommon, on the contrary, people with an open or opening third eye experience this very often, in all possible situations. It often starts with a word appearing in your mind, which you will hear within a few seconds afterward, either from someone, on the radio, on television, or anywhere else. So, if this happens to you very often, it is a clear sign that you have an open third eye.


The most important thing to remember is that your third eye is an incredible tool for intuition and psychic awareness. It’s best to respect your third eye and make sure it stays open so that it can connect you with your intuition and guide you through life. However, it is important to remember that if you feel physical discomfort, in particular, it is important to ensure that it is really an opening third eye and not a health problem.