ID Card. Its Features And Capabilities

ID-card means a document of an official nature, which certifies the identity of the person who has it. It is also called an identification card, or a new civil passport. It is a document of ID-1 format, which size is 54 x 86 millimeters, corresponding to RFID.

It looks like a plastic card and is fundamentally different from an ordinary paper passportID template PSD is used when you want to make an ID-card of any country.

New civil passports contain:

  • photo;
  • personal data of the owner (surname, first name);
  • date and place of birth;
  • gender;
  • date of issue;
  • expiration date;
  • special notes (presence of a foreign passport).

The identification card, like an ordinary passport, has its own number. Information about the place of registration and marital status, nationality, is in coded form, and is placed on the chip. Also the ID-passport contains biometric data – digital signature, fingerprints. They can be waived, which will be marked in the passport.

Storing information on the map

Personal information about the owner of the document contained in the new internal passports is reliably protected. The use of modern anti-fraud protection technologies allows the holder to be sure that the data is inaccessible to third parties if the ID-card is stolen or lost.

The information on the chip (electronic medium) is readable only by certain automated systems. The ID-card allows you to receive certain administrative services via the Internet without visiting government offices and institutions in person and without wasting your time standing in lines. It is possible to get an ID-card without going to the corresponding state bodies by using the ID template PSD. 

ID card or regular paper passport

The new civil passport is a modern identity document for border crossing and domestic use. More than 90 countries already use ID-cards and have been convinced of their reliability and convenience.

But it should be remembered that an ID-card, being a full-fledged internal document of a citizen of any country, in most cases (there are exceptions) does not give the right to travel abroad without a foreign passport.

Who is issued an identification card

A new civil passport is issued to citizens in many countries upon reaching a certain age.

One of the grounds for obtaining an ID-certificate is a forced replacement of a passport at a certain age:

  • change of surname (after marriage, for other reasons);
  • due to the theft of the document;
  • damage or loss of the passport.

Replacement of valid passports of the old type is not possible in other cases. The state authorities, which are allowed to issue new passports, explain that the replacement of ordinary passports with ID-cards is a procedure performed when such a need arises.

Today both new plastic passports and identification documents of the old type (with unexpired validity) are considered official and valid documents on the territory of some countries. Conditions for obtaining an ID-card, its validity period, the amount of administrative fee and other requirements differ depending on the legal framework of this or that country.

What are the advantages of ID-passports

Passport Cloud knows what among the main ones are the following:

  1. Security and reliability, since it is virtually impossible to forge the document.
  2. Placement on the ID-card chip of all the necessary information about the owner (TIN, blood group, data on children, residence registration, marital status, etc.).
  3. Ease of use due to small size (fits in a special wallet compartment).
  4. Resistant to moisture, dirt, wear and tear.
  5. Digital signature gives ID-card holder the right to vote online.

When you can use an ID card

This digital document, in addition to confirming the identity of its owner, has a number of unique features, and allows you to perform various tasks.

  1. Gaining access to electronic services (e.g. online banking).
  2. Ability to sign contracts, confirm transactions, encrypt electronic documents due to electronic signature. A digital signature made with an ID-card has the same legal rights as an ordinary signature.
  3. Using an ID-card as a client card. Convenience is provided by the fact that a client does not need to carry many cards in his wallet, only an ID-card.

What ID-card holders should keep in mind

If you are the owner of a new plastic passport and plan to use the document on a daily basis, it is recommended to order additional ID-digits. This allows you to place your ID card in a safe place and not be afraid of accidental loss or damage of the chip due to wear and tear of the document. It should be remembered that the digi-ID allows the use of all services, as well as the card, but is not suitable for the identification card.

Ready ID template PSD is a file of special format, which layers are edited in the program Adobe Photoshop. By changing the text information, using the necessary images and fonts, it is possible to create an ID-card for a particular person residing in a particular country.