Top 12 Tools for Improving Your Writing Style

In this advanced age, utilization of online tools is the best option to solve your problems quickly. Hundreds of tools are there online that can make your daily tasks easier. The best example that I can quote at the moment is SmallSEOtools which has various tools to help in improving your writing style and skills. Here we will discuss such other tools that can be handier for you in improving your writing skills and style.

1. Microsoft Word:

Despite tough competition, MS Word is still the best and easy to use, for writing. It is the most earlier word processor. You find many features and formatting options in it and improve your writing style by different tools like size, font, bullets, charts, and inserting pictures. It is one of the features of “Google Doc”. LibreOffice is the alternative to the word. You can create a memo, letter, document, and even a complete book. It is the most recommended and great word processor for all types of writing and projects.

2. Grammarly:

Grammarly is the writing editor app, easy to use, and find the punctuation mistakes and a good spell checker. It is mostly used to check plagiarism and enhance writing style and vocabulary by replacing your words confidently and quickly. It is available for all devices and browsers. It provides you with instant writing advice.

3. Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism Checker is essential for writing to check duplication in content. It has a wide range of features to get authentic plagiarism reports in detail and rephrase the duplicate content to remove duplication. There are many online tools but the most common, unique, and popular tool that provides you with a complete set of your requirements. The free plagiarism checker tool by SmallSEOtools is the most used copyright checker to detect and remove plagiarism from your content.

4. Heminway app:

It is an editing tool, tells you what you have to improve to make your content comprehensive. It makes your writing simple, attractive, bold, readable, and colorful like red, purple, blue, yellow by highlighting phrases, words, sentences. It also has excellent features to check the readability of your work. Heminway is the easiest, affordable, best option for writers. It is mostly used for writing an essay, blog, and performs a plagiarism check. But it is less used for whole book writing.

5. Daily Page:

If you wish to improve your writing, the daily page will help you by sending you a writing prompt through email. You will have to respond in a day at any time. Just sit and start writing. It’s your choice to keep it private or share it. You can write daily, that’s why it’s called a daily page. By this, you can improve and enhance your writing style or skill.

6. Pro Writing aid:

It has unique features that strengthen your writing by highlighting the overused words, grammatical mistakes, and has the built-in feature of plagiarism check. It is a style editor app that polishes your work, and style with suggestions to improve your writing. It is the only platform that provides world-class grammar in-depth. It also provides writing fun and interactive in many ways.

7. Twin word writer:

 Twin word writers act as a suggestion box. During writing, if you are confused and stuck on a word or sentence, it detects your pause, and a suggestion box will be open according to your context and need then you choose a related word. It helps out the bloggers and writers to write their blogs with compatibility. It has some cool features like habit formation, precise library, and articles.

8. Evernote

Evernote is a free app used to improve your writing skill and notes organizer. You can create your notes, text, export, and import material of content and save it as a notebook. It may include drawing, photos, sketches to intensify your writing.

9. Zen pen:

It is a web-based application and provides you with a “minimalist writing zone “. It keeps your focus on your writing. It has features to stylize and amplify your text. It has a feature like bold and italic the highlighted text; generally, it has three colors (black, light grey, grey) and has a background page format. You can block your distraction and focus on what’s important. It has incredible features for writing style.

10. Style Guider:

It is a writing style that guides help to indicate the rules of formal writing that we should follow such as (capitalization, formatting, punctuation). It is a manual style for grammar and writing. It provides document design and beautifies your writing. It is also called a style sheet. Style Guides are accurate in many ways it varies from the general use of the public to a variety of specialized users and scholars. 

11. Thesaurus:

It provides alternative words, synonyms, antonyms, and suggestions depending on the demand of a worker. By using this, you can express your idea in the best way. The writers not only use it for the variation in their vocabulary but also for characterizing them. One look thesaurus is also used as a dictionary and gives synonyms according to related research. As a document in Google Doc, just click on one look that was giving you access to “reverse dictionary”, exceptional adjectives, alternatives, default rhymes.

12. Hubspot Composer:

HubSpot is a free writing tool, also called a reformat tool; it composes your ideas and helps the writers quickly turn research notes and ideas into a blog post. The thing that you have to do is copy your text or notes from Google doc or MS word and paste it in the composer. Composer will automatically reformat your text for publication.