Is It Love? Why Would A Younger Man Be Attracted To An Older Woman?

Whenever it comes to age differences in a relationship, for the better part, it is always the man who is older than the woman. For this reason, it comes as a surprise when a younger man decides to date an older woman. Conversations around it can be very unpleasant, but at the end of the day, it does not change the fact that the younger man wants to date an older woman.

While the subject of dating older women have been seen as taboo, many more men are embracing it. According to Emma Stockton, there is nothing wrong with following what your heart wants. If you or your friend is interested in an older woman, that is completely normal. Here are some of the reasons why you might be attracted to that older woman.

age difference couple

The experience

One of the main reasons younger men are attracted to an older woman is the experience. Whether sexual or emotional, these men want a woman who has been there, done that, and is willing to do some more. Younger women are more closed up and will not try new things, but that is different for older women. For men who want to try out new things, an older woman is the perfect match for them. The man does not have to be shy when asking for what they want since they will most certainly get it.

Older women are intuitive

One of the things men want out of a relationship is a woman who gets them even when they do not speak. While there are some intuitive younger women, for the better part, this is something older women great at. If you are looking for a woman who will listen to you and understand you, you are better off dating an older woman. Since they have been there and maybe made mistakes in past relationships on not being sensitive enough, you are sure that this will not happen again. The relationship is so much better if the man feels like his emotional needs are being met.

Men love achievers

While this might be confusing for a sugar baby and mummy situation, the case is totally different. Men like it when they date a woman who is an achiever. A woman who has garnered so many awards or even accolades is secure in herself and makes her own decisions in such a relationship. The man knows that financially, he is not on his own. Such older women are more willing to chip in when it comes to house expenses as compared to women who have little to no accomplishment with their career or job. Since carers take time to pick a younger man is more likely to find an achiever in an older woman

Older women and confident

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is confident in her skin. While body insecurities might affect everyone, as one grows older, this changes. Older women have learned to love themselves and who they are. They do not need any form of encouragement from someone else to know that they are beautiful; dating a confident woman is so calming because you do not feel like everything you say is over scrutinized. You are also sure that no matter what issues they might be having, they believe in themselves and will not let you or anyone else make them feel worthless.

They are emotionally mature

If there is one thing you cannot teach someone, it has to be maturity. With more experience comes maturity. Many older women are emotionally mature and can handle whatever issue comes their way with grace. There is nothing as annoying as having a woman who starts screaming or throws a fit every time you disagree. Older women can take a step back and look at everything they are presented before deciding. That way, you are sure that they will be your peace and offer solutions instead of causing more problems for you.

They have better tastes

Many young omens spend their weekends getting drunk and passed out and hitting new clubs around town. While there is nothing wrong with that, it can get tiring quickly. When you date older women, you will still get to the party, but it will be n more relaxed and controlled environment. With them, you get to realize that you can still drink without having to be buzzed out for days on end after. They also show you other ways to have fun without needing too much alcohol, which can be an eye-opener for you.

The conversations are better 

The older you grow, the more knowledge you amass, which happens with older women as well. Having conversations with someone who understands the complexities of life can be refreshing. Their ideas and opinions are well informed, and you can be sure that it will edify you as a person. While small talk is not bad once in a while, it often gets boring if you keep talking about superficial things. Having a partner who challenges you as a person is one of the best things you can ever get. They will help you see the world from a different perceptive, and you know you can count on them when you need wise counsel. They say conversations with the right person are better than years spent reading books. Imagine what it is like having a woman who has the right conversations.

Age and dating are very personal, and there is no one way around it. The only thing you need to ensure when you start dating someone is they are the right one for you. If you are compatible, you are sure you will make a great thing for each other. If you are attracted to older women, then do not let anyone stop you from finding the love of your life. Many beautiful older women will date you without worry. Court them and see what life has to offer.