Is There Any Difference Between Travelers and Tourists? Let’s Find It Out

There are all kinds of people we see on the road, the ones getting out of an air-conditioned cab and entering their five-star hotel that makes you think like they’re up for luxury travel while the others travel with a backpack and live in a hostel for a surprising adventure. To be honest, there could be some that are a fusion of both. You might have heard of the quote, “every tourist is a traveler but every traveler is not a tourist”. Many people get confused by the terms “traveler” and “tourist” as they are used quite interchangeably. To get a better understanding of these terms and that quote, keep reading to find it out together!


Tourists tend to get homesick as they get exhausted from a long, strenuous trip. To overcome this, they try to find places, food, or people that are closely related to their home. They like to stay in their comfort zone.

Travelers feel homely in any corner of the world. For them, home is finding peace and comfort within themselves no matter where they are. They don’t hesitate to go out of their comfort zone.


Tourists have a set itinerary that they like to follow to travel from one place to another. They usually have a guidebook with them or notes saved on their phones that help them explore certain places on the list. They like to stay organized and well-planned before hopping on a plane to their dream destination.

Travelers are spontaneous, most of the time. They like to go to less-touristy places and explore the real lifestyle of the natives. Their plans change according to their liking or mood. In a nutshell, they can be quite adventurous.    


Tourists like to have an everyday outfit for a ten-day trip abroad. They will have matching shoes and accessories with their favorite outfits and fanny packs are one of their essentials. 

Travelers, on the other hand, have their essentials in the backpack. It’s like a small wardrobe that travels with them no matter where they go. They don’t care about every single detail of their outfit or shoes. Comfort and simplicity are their go-to!


Tourists tend to travel in groups or with their friends. They don’t really feel comfortable with the idea of hanging out with the random natives and they prefer staying in their own bubble.

Travelers like to blend in with the culture and natives of a country. They like to get deep insights into their customs, values, and a couple of their native language phrases.


Tourists prefer staying in five-star (or four) hotels with all the basic facilities or luxuries such as hair dryers, fast WI-FI, smart TV, etc. Before booking a hotel, they scour the internet for a perfect and luxurious stay.

Travelers are good with having a roof over their head and the point of staying in a luxurious hotel becomes out of the question. They are ready to share a room in a hostel with other travelers or sleep in a tent as long as they fulfill their passion for exploring the hidden gems of the world.