Kindred Spirits on the Prague Express!

I had recently hit 50, and nothing out of the ordinary had happened to me up until then! I had left teaching the previous year and started up a site offering psychic readings. I had always been interested in the tarot cards and other divination. Even as a child, I remember being fascinated by my Aunt Rosie reading the tea leaves! 

Back in 2017, I was standing at Keleti Train Station Budapest, waiting for my train to Prague in the Czech Republic. I had taken some time out from the UK and doing some travelling around Europe. Something out of the ordinary was about to happen on that train journey. Something that I would never forget! It was a case of fact, being stranger than fiction—a once in a lifetime experience. 

I looked at my ticket as I got on the train and found my carriage. I noticed I didn’t have a window seat, and since the carriage looked empty, I decided to take one anyhow. A young lady around 30 entered the carriage with a big rucksack. She had this beautiful energy about her. I instantly stood up and helped put her bag into the overhead rack. It turned out that her seat was the one next to the one I had taken! Had fate put us together? She thanked me and then lost herself in a book. A woman dressed in rags briefly entered the carriage begging for money. Then shortly after, a man appeared selling his wears. He kept trying different languages, but no one responded. After his fourth language, the young lady and I looked at each other and giggled in harmony. (At this point I imagined her falling asleep in my arms for the 6-hour train journey)

The whistle blew, and the train started its 500km journey to Prague. Thankfully, no one claimed the seat I was sitting on! Perhaps, an hour had gone by when this mystery woman and I suddenly glanced at each other. That glance then turned into intense staring for over an hour. No words said, just losing ourselves in each other’s eyes! Time stood still where I experienced a peace that I never felt before. She then brushed her hand against mine. Soon we were holding hands. She then fell asleep in my arms without a word uttered! 

The train stopped at a station, and a middle-aged woman entered our carriage. It soon became apparent that I had her seat, and my heart sunk. Thankfully, she was kind enough to take my original place. The mystery woman went to the washroom, and I took out my tarot cards for some insight. When she came back, she was fascinated with the cards and asked for a reading. I found out her name was Jana, and I realised there wasn’t a table to do a tarot reading. She pointed to her legs, and I proceeded to shuffle the cards and place down ten on her jeans. In her reading, she had the death card, and I talked about the end of one stage and the beginning of a new one. I found out later she was on her way to her Nan’s funeral in a small town near Prague. She returned the favour and did my tarot reading. The focus was around the empress card. She explained that the empress is about expansion and that a woman around me would help me to grow. She then proceeded to whisper, what seemed like gibberish, in my ear for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, I explained that I didn’t understand. Jana said it didn’t matter and would sink in at a subconscious level. Thinking back, it was like she was programming me!

I packed the cards away, and Jana fell back into my arms. This time we kissed a bit, and then she fell asleep. She was in my arms for a few hours, but it only seemed like a few minutes. The train approached Jana’s station, and we said our goodbyes and exchanged email addresses. 

I contacted Jana a couple of times, but communication soon fizzled out. She was part of a Yoga Organisation in Romania and experiencing an intense relationship with her boyfriend. I even purchased an online psychic reading and told the psychic my story. The psychic said it was a lovely story and felt we were kindred spirits and there for each other at the right time! Jana was right about a woman helping me to grow! She’s been in my life for quite a few years now! Jana was like a cool summer breeze, whereas this other woman is like all the seasons wrapped in one. But that’s a story for another day!