Law of Attraction: Write Down Your Wishes!

Law of Attraction works on the basis of clean energy and clear intentions. 

Imagine you are sitting in an office where there is a mess, a stack of papers on a desk, dirty cups on a shelf, a stack of boxes on the ground and you cannot move in this environment or to concentrate on your work. It is impossible in the long term to work in such an environment, or am I wrong?

Sit back and think about what you want to attract into your life. Clarify your goal(s). Once you know and feel what you want, hold the pen with paper and write it down.

Never, never use the future tense. Always use the present tense. Now, here in this place. Write down your wishes on paper in this form:


I attract $700 until 10 January 2015.

– or –

I am slim and healthy. My weight is 55 kg.


Keep this paper at any particular place. On the back of the fridge, on the highest shelf of your closet or anywhere else. Forget about it. Let everything smoothly flow.

Firmly believe and  you will see that sooner or later your wish will fulfill. Stay positive. The universe knows about your wishes and already started to fill it. Be patient and persistent.