The Law Of Attraction And New Clients

As of recent times, the ever-popular Law of Attraction has gotten quite the attention. The law basically sets a positive tone where it teaches that when you believe and have positive thoughts, you attract a very positive and favorable outcome. However, the same applies to negative thoughts that readily attract negative outcomes. And while most individuals don’t really believe that these things are real, some make it their daily practise and stick to it. 

So, no matter your view on the matter and which side you stick to, there are core business lessons that are taught and leaders can benefit and reap the rewards. As such, these valuable lessons aid in not only your professional life but also your personal life as well. Within this industry, leaders often miss out on some of the best opportunities that came their way simply because they attracted the wrong things into their business due to negative thinking. All of these led to their companies being at the huge risk of failing, simply because they didn’t put the Law of Attraction into practise each day.  

We’re here to tell you that some of the most successful within entertainment, sports, business and even politics give the most credit to visualization and the Law of Attraction for their continued success. Even the legendary Michael Jordan expressed that in order to do great things, you must expect them. With that said, you need to think and create the vision of yourself in the place you would like to be before you can truly get there.  

Read on as we dive into the five steps that help put the Law of Attraction to work for not only you but your clients, your employees and your company.  

Know What You Want 

The first step is knowing what you truly want and it is one of the most important questions that any and every business leader must answer. And when we say answer, we mean be detailed and specific in what you want and desire because only then can you determine what you need to do in order to get there. Do you want to increase growth by 25% within the next year or do you want to hire the best out there? You’ll need to hyper focus your mind on the right answer to all your questions.  

Only then will the answer be able to set you on your specific course to subconsciously and consciously make the things that you want happen. When you’ve gotten to that point, you’ll need to set your SMART goals. Your SMART goals as those which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and of course, time-bound. This will aid your team in determining exactly what you have planned to achieve and the course of action.  

Focus On Positive Self-Talk And Gratitude 

For each of us, we have that little voice in our head, and self-talk is something that we naturally do during any part of the day. This voice can be considered like a little devil or angel sitting on your shoulder and can be both negative and positive. Think of how many times you’ve criticized your own self throughout any day. Only when you think you’ll realize how often and how destructive it can be.  

When you have negative conversations with yourself, it focuses on negative thoughts. And these negative thoughts will grow and become huge over no time. We’ve mentioned before that the Law of Attraction focusses and asserts what you focus on. With that said, you’ll want to focus on being more positive and when it comes to finding the positive thought, you can easily find them in gratitude. So, whenever you find yourself going closer to the negative side, think and be thankful for the things that you are grateful for and you’ll reset your thoughts on positivity.  

As you put this into practise, you will become more confident as well as motivated. And your team will also be on the same path to success! 

Communicate With Intention 

The language of a business leader should be one that asserts a positive outcome. Think about the simple differences in the phrase “I will be” and “I am”. The first basically sets the mood that you will at some point in the future and the second proclaims that you are already in a mindset to achieve your personal goals. So, be careful how you express even the smallest of things. Muhammad Ali is known world-wide by his saying, “I am the greatest!” and we’re sure that you can easily agree that if he had said “I will be the greatest” well you get the point, they don’t carry the same weight or have the same effect.  

Visualize Your Success 

Within each leadership toolkit is one of the most powerful yet essential tools, visualization. In order to get the most out of your work, you must create a visual image that is as real as it can get. In the sporting world, many athletes have been putting this into practise as they train. Additionally, even a golfer can visualize his perfect shot and in the same sense a basketball player can visualize his perfect method for performing a free throw.  

When you visualize, you allow yourself to create an image in your head of how successful your business will be at navigating challenges and making the best out of opportunities. Simply put, all you have to do is close your eyes and imagine with the smallest of detail about the steps that you’ll take to become more successful. And, it is as simple as doing so for a couple minutes or even as long as you want to create the perfect mental image. However, these exercises are done better when you’re completely relaxed such as the evening or morning period.  

Accountability Is Key 

Assign others to the task of holding you accountable for everything that you’ve done. Once you’ve followed the above steps, don’t keep it to yourself. Simply put, the more people you have seeing your vision and holding you accountable, the better it works out for you. Be sure to let you team members know what you’re working so hard to attract and you’ll easily gain more support as you accomplish your goal.  

So, if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, when you tell your goals to others, you put yourself in a better position to win. And when you make a habit out of these five steps, you create the opportunity for others to aid as you build up your team and your company. And they can all join in as you tap into a new and improved way of thinking which benefits personally and of course professionally!