Law of Attraction works. Be patient!

All my life wishes become reality thanks to the Law of Attraction. I have attracted a lot of things that I had previously seemed impossible within just four years – money and financial freedom, material things, better eyesight, the ability to learn a foreign language much quicker than before, soul mate (a specific person whom I’ve been seeing in a cafe in the last two years), and also the return of my cat, who disappeared but returned home after seven months.

law of attraction works

Inaction creates nothing. Action creates success. (Stephen Richards)

It all seemed so impossible, and my mind was saturated with all sorts of thoughts and questions. How is it possible? How the Law of Attraction works? How can I believe that my cat would return, even though the weather outside is frightful? Is it worth at all?

The less you ask, the more you know. Do not ask how, where, when or why. The Universe will always find a way to deliver it! Read more about the Law of Attraction technique(s) in this article: How to Apply the Law of Attraction Step by Step

When I go to work and wait at traffic lights, I hear a voice inside my head. “Everything is possible. Just be patient and persistent. Waiting is worth it”. Perhaps these are internal voices or a sign from my guardian angels. However, I hear these voices over and over every working day.

I think the Law of Attraction works just like the traffic lights. When it is red, you have to wait (you have time to think about what you actually want to attract into your life), and when it’s green, you can continue driving (you can put a rocket of your desire out into the universe, believe and receive).

law of attraction works

It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. (Diane Grant)

Be patient and persistent. Believe in your dreams and wishes, because you attract what you think about all the time. Carefully consider all your wishes and make sure it is something you really want to attract into your life, something you strongly desire, something you can believe it will happen (it is meaningless to want the lottery winning if you do not believe in it).

Do not worry and do not doubt, because fear attracts more reasons to fear as well as love attract more reasons to love. Nothing is out of reach. Nothing is too small or too big. The only barriers are in your head! You can simply take control of your life just by taking control of your thoughts, so why not start today?

Ask, believe and receive. And never doubt. That’s the key!

Love + Light,