Live Your Life with Keeping Astrology Readings in Connection

Living your life in accordance with astrology needs no scientific knowledge, expertise in astrological studies and you do not even have to be a pro astrologer. Life has become technological friendly and astrology readings just need little understanding. 

Sun and moon are so clearly visible. Moreover, now there are applications available, which you can download and use to incorporate astrology in your daily life.

Here are some good tips to follow in order to live your life according to your daily horoscope.

1. Become a personal astrologer of yourself: 

What if you become your own astrologer? Yes, this can happen and it can be so much fun doing this. Becoming a quasi-astrologer is something that can keep you on track of astrology readings. For this you just need to download related apps, which you can easily find online. such apps are efficiently designed and they will tell many things about your life. 

It covers the following areas. 

  • After taking some basic information from you, the app makes calculations and creates a visual natal chart. That chart is quite similar to the one that professional astrologers use. 
  • The entire process is very simple. After few taps on the screen you can get a comprehensive natal chart that is totally your personalized chart fully based on your natal chart. 
  • The chart will show all the signs of planets and in case you know your birth time, then the results could be more interesting. Entering your birth time can tell you about your rising sign. Otherwise you can just checkout sunrise chart. 
  • The chart provides that users with regular daily horoscope that fully is based on the transition of planets in your horoscope. In this way you can have more customized information as compared to the one that you find in sun sing horoscopes. 
  • The best part of these kind of apps is that you can also checkout the horoscope of your friends.

In addition to all these information and data, you can also have access to unlimited access to astrology chart comparisons and above all, a detailed and elaborated sensatory interpretation. You can have this option only if you get an upgraded subscription that would only charge $9.99. 

This additional facility can let you check your competition with someone, who you think is always in competition with you. 

2. Creating a balance in your relationship:

Did you know that the moon journey that begins with new moon, goes up to full moon and then back to new moon, has a significant impact on your relationships? Isn’t it quite interesting? You can create strong bond by understanding your astrology readings with the moon’s journey. If you will attempt the romantic moves with the changing phases of moon, then you are definitely going to get the right shot. 

If you want to begin a new relationship and you want it to grow, then take a starting move right after the new moon appears. In case you are done with a relationship, then you should end it almost one week before the new moon. You can also use a free calendar available online that is called Moon Phase Calendar. This app is going to be quite useful for you for the purpose of planning your emotional shifts in your relationship. 

3. Treat your hair in accordance with astrology readings: 

You will find many renowned hair stylists like Schwarzkopf, saying that hair treatments like haircuts, doling or conditioning, all should be done according to the changing phases of moon. Yes, this is actually true. It will make your treatments effect better.

If you want your hair to grow rapidly, healthier and stronger, then you must trim the right after a day or two of the new moon. It is the time for the Moon’s replenishment and regeneration. 

In case you see your hair getting weaker and duller day by day, then you need hair conditioning and it could show its best results if done during the days between new moon and full moon. 

4. Lunar gardening: 

The phases of moon have quite a strong impact on our lives. Similarly, the gardening is also affected. The strong gravitational force can pull up the water in lakes, oceans and seas. Similarly, it also pulls down the water deep in the ground. It shows that there is a strong impact of astrology readings on the plant growth as well.