Love Horoscope & Astrological System Guide for 2020

What person isn’t interested in knowing what their future holds? That’s one of the biggest reasons why horoscopes are so popular (and specifically love horoscopes). Both women and men who are looking for love turn to love horoscopes to help them figure out who their ideal partner is (and how to find them).

While there are a few different ways to determine love horoscopes, the most popular methods revolve around interpreting the positions of the planets in our solar system (mainly Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter). These interpretations are then presented in an easy-to-understand horoscope. 

The Relation Between Horoscopes & Astrological Charts

Horoscopes are great for giving people general predictions about what might occur in the future, but they’re not great at giving specific times/dates/names. If you want very specific predictions about what might happen to you in the future, it’s recommended to have a custom astrological chart made for you. 

These types of charts are excellent at predicting specific times/dates/places (in regards to matters of the heart). The way they work is by the astrologer consulting a sky chart of the date that you were born on (with most astrologers even going as far as to use the exact time of your birth as well). This allows the astrologer to create a very specific set of predictions (especially when it comes to love). 

We recommend consulting astrological charts if you want very specific predictions regarding your love life. If you’re searching for the love of your life, and want to prepare as best as possible for that special moment, an astrological chart is an excellent resource to have.

Most people don’t like using traditional horoscopes because of how vague they can be, but an accurate love horoscope to check weekly or daily is available on numerous astrology sites. Below we go into detail regarding horoscopes, and specifically how to properly read them. 

Understanding Horoscopes: Egyptian Origins

Horoscopes can trace their roots all the way back to Egypt (ancient Egypt, that is). The way astrology truly got its start came from the way that ancient Egyptians used to record time at night. Because there was no sun to count time with, Egyptians used the changing night sky to determine how much time has passed. 

Ancient Egyptians split the night sky into ten different sections (known as “decans”). Eventually, these different decans began to take on their own meanings (i.e. star signs). This is why modern astrological systems can trace their origins back to ancient Egypt. 

These were the precursors to the birth signs that are so popular nowadays. Because of Egypt’s ancient dealings with Greece, the word “horoscope” can be attributed to ancient Greek culture. 

The Main Types of Horoscopes

While you may be looking for predictions regarding your future love(s), there are also many other different types of horoscopes that might be of interest. Below we cover some of the more popular options in the world of astrology. 


The Chinese horoscope is one of the most popular ones in the world. This astrology system is based on 12 different signs (i.e. birth-month signs), which are represented in the form of animals. 


As we’ve already covered above, modern astrology owes its roots to ancient Egypt. Modern Egyptian horoscopes are unique in that they’re based largely on lunar cycles and ancient Egyptian Gods/Goddesses. 


The ancient Mayans were an incredibly interesting culture (which you may know from their famous 2012 prophecy). The Mayan horoscope is based on 13 different signs and is split into months that are 20 days long. 


The Alchemists were famed esoteric mystics that created their own form of astrology/numerology. There are 10 Alchemical astrological signs


The Aztec system of astrology is closely related to Mayan astrology. However, the Aztec system uses a standard 12 sign system (based on nature symbols). 


The Arab astrological system also consists of 12 signs. The 12 signs are represented in the form of various types of weaponry. This form of astrology goes back thousands of years and has experienced a recent surge in popularity. 


Druid astrology contains 13 signs within its system and is based on lunar cycles (making it similar to Egyptian astrology). The signs are represented by nature-related forms (e.g. trees, leaves, vines, etc.). 

All of these different types of astrological systems have different types of love horoscopes. If you’re looking for your future love, we recommend choosing a system that you feel the closest connection to.