Lucky Wristwatches For 2020

This year is the year of the Metal Rat. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat is the first in the 12-year cycle. It’s alert, full of life, and can thrive under difficult circumstances.  The year 2020 is the turn of a decade, and metal rat should be governing all year. It signifies new beginnings for all Chinese zodiacs, and the forecast is sunny for all.

But if you want to increase your luck this year, there are things that you can do, colors you can wear – and avoid, for that matter, and changes you need to be wary of. Although it’s projected that the year of the Metal Rat will be auspicious for every zodiac, it never is a bad idea to surround yourself with things and thoughts which may prosper you further.

In this article, we’ve collated the best wristwatches that you can buy to use all year. The year’s lucky color may be green, balancing out the white and steel of this year’s zodiac, but there are specific color recommendations for every zodiac. Here are the lucky wristwatches you should buy this year:

Hamilton Aviation Chrono Quartz in White Dial and Blue Numerals

Hamilton, as a brand, has always withstood fads in the watch industry. They’ve been a consistent presence in the mid-range priced mechanical watches for decades now, and when the Quartz crisis came on, the company transitioned smoothly. Today, they have a glorious array of watch offerings for every discerning taste.

Hamilton watches have the reputation of always creating great looking watches, and the Aviation Chrono Quartz in the white dial and blue numerals is no exception. Classic blue is the color of the year, and for many a zodiac, it’s one of the numerous lucky colors too. White is auspicious as well, as it’s the color associated with coins and silver. 

Apple Watch Series 5 in White Ceramic

The Apple Watch is one of the most innovative pieces of technology on the market today. The watch has many features such as fitness tracking, taking pictures, sending messages through iMessage or Siri, or making phone calls, all while being able to monitor your health data like heart rate and blood pressure levels. It’s not just another gadget you have to constantly charge, but an extension of your arm that will help you live healthier and better.

According to Superwatches, the battery life of an Apple Watch averages around 17 hours, which is one of its biggest weaknesses compared to other smartwatches, such as the Fitbit or Samsung Galaxy Watch. Nonetheless, with its functions, this elegant gadget will entice you.

The normal Apple Watch will set you back no more than $400 dollars, but along with the announcement of the Series 5 are also new case materials: titanium and ceramic. White, silver, and vanilla are auspicious this year, and the white ceramic version of the Series 5 not only will look good on your wrist, but will also attract money, love, and career upgrades to you. If you have an iPhone, this is a no-brainer. We recommend getting the watch online, though, as most Apple retail stores don’t carry the top-end smartwatch in their inventory.

Certina DS Action Diver Powermatic 80 in Green Dial

Certina has been a dedicated Swiss watchmaker since its conception. It still is as relevant today as it was in its peak popularity, and there’s no shortage of great mechanical and quartz watches that the company produces every year. If you’ve been looking at mechanical watches, the Diver Powermatic in green dial may be the perfect fit for you!

Not only is it lucky this year – the green dial and silver clasp makes sure you attract all the wealth you can, but you also won’t break the bank buying it either. Most mechanical watches will set you back a couple of thousand dollars, but not this timepiece. If you have $700 to spare, then you’re good to go. What you get is more bang for your buck with an in-house automatic movement, a power reserve of 80 hours, 300m water resistance, and quality make. 


While you need to take every advice with a grain of salt, it’s also a healthy disposition to not be jaded and heed the advice, which may gain you some luck. After all, it’s only advice – it won’t hurt you or anyone else. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars either to get great watches, so if you find a good alternative to the watches in this list, go ahead and get them.