Making Real Friendships on the Internet is real or not?

With social media being a thing, making friends on the internet has become easy. And with the emergence of online organic growth services such as the Vervebook website, it’s now even easier to grow your reach and gain more friends on social networks such as Facebook.

But are online friends, real friends?

Well, it’s easy to dismiss online friends as superficial due to the belief that no one portrays their real self on the internet, but it’s still possible to make real friendships on the internet?

The internet is a space where common barriers to friendships do not exist. For instance, online social networks such as Instagram and TikTok allow you to follow or befriend anyone who has similar interests as you.

So, the internet doesn’t make it impossible to make real friends. It actually makes it easy to interact with meaningful friends.  

And if you’re still in doubt, here’s why making real friendships on the internet is possible.

1. Internet Friends Bond Over Common Interests and Passions

Making real online friendships is possible because one of the reasons that bring these friends together is common passions and interests. These friendships aren’t based on proximity but on things people share in common.

Such friendships are especially beneficial for people who may not have friends who share their passions or interests. The internet allows such people to connect with like-minded people from different parts of the world.

Further, today internet-based networking sites and communities are gaining popularity as people prefer to connect with people who can share their issues with or discuss relevant stuff. While some of these sites are location specific, others are topic-specific. Friends from these communities exchange views, get to know each other, and eventually form long-life friendships.

And just because these friends don’t meet or grab coffee from time to time doesn’t mean they aren’t real friends.

2. Internet Friends Are Reachable

Your online friends are always reachable. You may live miles apart, but thanks to the internet, you can check on each other daily. In fact, many people feel they know their online friends better than some real friends that have always been part of their lives.  

Since it’s sometimes easier to keep in touch with internet friends than the so-called real friends, a strong bond is created, and you’re likely to feel lonely if you don’t talk to social friends for a long period.  

Moreover, for many young people, contact with their online friends enhances companionship via conversations that can go on all day or night.  

3. Online Friends Are Easy To Talk To Due To Anonymity

You may refrain from talking to people around you for fear of being judged or just because you’re shy. This is especially true for teenagers who may be too self-conscious.

However, this is not so with online friendships. Online friends have been identified as sources of encouragement and advice to teens or self-conscious people as most of them will listen without judging.

The fact that you don’t have a history with your online friends makes it easier for you to open up to them.  Many of us feel that we can talk about everything and anything with our online friends without the fear of being judged.  And this is what makes online friendship real, especially at a time like now when real friendships are hard to come by.

4. No Barriers to Friendship

The internet is a space that defies the normal barriers to friendships. For instance, if you wanted to become friends with a renowned celebrity in real life, you’ll probably be confused on the most appropriate way to approach them. However, with the internet, you can simply slide to their DM or just follow them.

Similarly, a shy person in real life can overcome this barrier through the anonymity that online communication provides. Other people who may have similar issues, such as the disabled, can also overcome the stigma barrier when making friends online.

5. Richer Social Relations

The internet allows one to communicate and meet lots of friends.  For instance, one can now be friends with people from other countries and learn about their lives and cultures. Further, due to the internet’s social nature, one becomes better informed on how their friends and family members are doing despite being far apart.

Moreover, the internet has promoted social relations by providing different communication methods such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Such platforms give people choices on the medium of communication and shrink the distance between families and friends, allowing for better social interaction.

The internet has also exposed people to more opportunities to socially relate. Thanks to the internet, strangers can now meet and form lifelong unions, families can come together, old school friends can get reunited, while businesses can now leap borders.

6. Online Friends Are Low Maintenance

One of the reasons online friends are so real is because they are low-maintenance. You are assured of their authenticity so much so that you don’t mind the distance.  

Online friends are also not the center of your life, making it possible for you to go on with your life without feeling like you’re being alienated. Undoubtedly, online friendships allow you to find comfort in each other even when you spend days without connecting, but when you finally do, it feels like nothing has changed. If this isn’t true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Besides, there are no expectations in online friendships, unlike in the so-called real friendships. For instance, you don’t have those friendship rules that require you to meet up twice every week. This also means your friendship has a low level of clinginess, and drama is definitely lessened as both of you are too busy working on other things.

In closing, online friends are just real friends that you haven’t hugged yet. The internet allows for richer social interactions, and it is the perfect place to connect with people who share your interests. Online friends are also easy to talk to, they can be reached anytime, and they are low maintenance.

And to help you make more meaningful and real friendships online, here are tips that you need to consider.

Don’t be in a hurry when seeking online friendships – Take it slow when pursuing an online friendship and let things fall in place naturally

Don’t go for fake followers or friends – If you want to promote your account to gain more real friends, you better use organic online growth services rather than buying fake followers

Be yourself – Being authentic helps you make online friendships that last

Give it a rest if someone isn’t interested – Don’t get offended when someone doesn’t reply to your friend request or message. Also, don’t stalk them as this is rude and inconsiderate

Connect with people who share your interests – It’s easier to form a connection with people who share your opinions and passions, and they are also likely to accept your friendship once they see you share the same interests