Modular Houses from CLT Panels by Rezult House

If you need to quickly build a house, street, or even a village, there is nothing better than buying a ready-made model solution. Such houses are assembled from special CLT panels that fit perfectly and allow you to install a ready structure very quickly. Rezult Ukraine offers modular houses of various layouts for any needs that a client may have: from small typical houses to luxury villas and townhouses.

● The environmental friendliness of wood-based panels, creates a pleasant contrast with the brick and concrete buildings of the city

● Building construction speed that is at least twice as fast as conventional construction

● Lightness, but at the same time reliability of CLT panels. By virtue of these qualities, they do not require a deep foundation

● The ability to quickly expand the living space by adding additional rooms from CLT panels

Construction Speed ​​of Modular Houses

If you have bought a plot of land, you will not have to wait six months until the constructors finish building a country house to start enjoying life outside the city. Having bought a modular house, you will be able to settle in it in a few weeks:

● If you want a customized solution for your own project, it takes about 2-3 weeks to develop it and produce panels of the desired thickness and size

● While the project is being developed, you can prepare the foundation

● A ready-made modular solution is assembled in 7-10 days

● Only the finishing work remains, which is carried out in the house already installed on the site

If you order a ready-made modular solution from Rezult House, you will significantly reduce this time. The company is engaged in the production of CLT panels and modular houses with the ability to work on individual projects. Contact Rezult House specialists so that they can immediately start working on your home from high-quality CLT panels.