My Law of Attraction story: I got a free meal!

It was a gray, rainy morning and I was ready to go to the store for some small food to work, since my fridge was completely empty. And my stomach too. I can’t explain why, but something told me that I should go to McDonald’s.

And I did so.

law of attraction a free meal

There are always a lot of people in the morning before work, so it seemed that I would have to wait in line a very long time. I started to stare at one point while waiting, began to think about the law of attraction and decided to manifest something small. Just for fun. Here and now. But what?

“How about to listen to my first idea?” I thought.

Yeah, I know what. I want a free meal! When I finally got to the counter, I ordered a cheeseburger with cold water, as it is free, and paid. “Oh, no luck today!” I thought. I took a tray of food and drink and went to sit. I was not disappointed at all, it just simply did not work today.

There was a great hustle at this time and McDonald’s staff could not manage to supplement supplies such as paper napkins or ketchup, so I went back to the counter and asked for ketchup. Yeah, I love ketchup. Lots of ketchup!


“Here you are. And wait, wait, here’s the chicken burger.” I lost all the words, took chicken burger with ketchup and went to sit. “What? What does it mean? Why chicken burger? I did not order anything!”

“Oh. My. God! It works!” I thought. Actually, it works blazingly fast! I got a chicken burger for free!

I started eating a cheeseburger full of ketchup, which I bought and began removing the plastic top from the cup, so I can drink. However, after removing the plastic top I found that there is no water, but the sprite. Well, now I’ve lost all the words. I was speechless!

It’s unbelievable how precisely the law of attraction works. I am convinced that the universe does not distinguish between small and big goals, but it depends on how much we believe in the realization of our “small” or “big” goals. And I believed it, even though my faith in getting free food began to disappear when I paid for my cheeseburger.

Life is wonderful, and can be even more wonderful if we use the force of the Law of Attraction!

Love + Light,