Nest Home Security vs. Competitors

In recent years, many have turned away from traditional home security brands in search of something less complicated, less expensive, more advanced, and without a lengthy contract. Nest home security is one of the most talked about new smart home brands in recent memory. There are, however, many other options out there. To get started, we will compare a few of Nest’s top competitors.

Nest vs. Ring

Ring is one of Nest’s biggest competitors. Ring offers security products, just like Nest does, but they also offer many other home automation devices as well, including doorbells and floodlight cameras. They also have their own cloud storage which costs $3/month for 30 days of video history compared to the free service offered by Nest.

Ring’s home alarm equipment starts at $199, which makes it much less expensive than the $399 Nest charges for their equipment. The monthly service fee also starts lower at $10/month compared to Nest’s starting price of $19/month, but again the Ring service does not include 24/7 professional monitoring. You will have to pay an extra monthly or yearly fee if you want that.

Ring’s home security packages are also much more customizable than Nest’s are. You can create your own package with different cameras, doorbells, motion sensors, keypads, etc. to get exactly what you need. Ring also offers a wider product breadth and Amazon Alexa compatibility

Nest vs. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is another major competitor of Nest. Like Ring, they offer a wide range of home security products and their equipment is much cheaper than Nest’s. Its technology is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. SimpliSafe also has a unique system that allows you to move your sensors around as you please, without having to pay for additional equipment.

It is also easy to take apart and transport, so it’s an ideal choice for those who frequently travel and want their home security system moved to new locations on a temporary basis.

Nest vs. ADT

ADT is another very popular traditional home security brand that may have recently lost some of its luster thanks to new competition from the likes of Nest and Ring. ADT offers a wide range of security equipment and includes 24/7 professional monitoring, which is an expensive option. Like Nest, ADT uses a hub that communicates with all of your devices through one network.

ADT’s monthly fees are much higher than those offered by Nest and Ring, they require a 3-year contract, and DIY setup is not an option. Considering many people are turning to Nest, Ring, and other alternatives to avoid these things, ADT is becoming less popular to this target market.

Nest vs. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is one of Nest’s biggest competitors. Frontpoint specializes in home security equipment whereas Nest offers a wider range of products that also includes the Nest Cam, the company’s smart camera system.

While Frontpoint does not offer professional monitoring as an option, the company does offer great packages starting at $319.95.

In conclusion, Nest offers great products, but it has some stiff competition in the smart home security industry. Nest is more expensive than some of its competitors and lacks some customization options that are available from companies like Ring. While you do get what you pay for with Nest, there are other options that offer much better value at similar prices.