NULL PVG on Aliexpress. What does it mean?

Do you have experience with AliExpress? If yes, then you surely know “NULL PVG” notice from the tracking system for China post.


null pvg tracking aliexpress


I have already ordered more than 60 times from Aliexpress and everything was always fine. Yes, sometimes it takes up to 30-35 days to receive order, but I was always happy.

Now, what is “Null PVG”? PVG means that your package is in Shanghai Pudong International Airport and will be forwarded to your country.

“Null PVG” is quite normal, especially during the first five days when the seller marked the order as sent.

You do not have anything to worry about. It is quite normal. Either way, if you do not receive your order on time, immediately contact the seller. In the same case, contact him if you have problems with tracking your order. It is quite possible that you have received an invalid or even fake number.

In any case, have a little patience.