Pisces Woman and Gemini Man

Gemini and Pisces, two people, four personalities. The Twins face the dual nature of Pisces and from the outset, the relationship between a Pisces woman and a Gemini man can be very complicated. If they are to be together, it will not be a natural pairing in the traditional sense of the word, but will demand, as a hungry creature, the effort of both for the relationship to succeed.

pisces woman and gemini man

Making four people coexist in two bodies can be very complicated. Gemini coming to Pisces through words with the intention of challenging it to a verbal challenge, Pisces being absorbed by this situation, avoids any type of discussion. Both Gemini and Pisces are signs that somehow prefer to immerse themselves in the fantasy, where they unfold all the entanglements that their imagination is capable of creating.

The sexual pleasure between the Pisces woman and Gemini man

On the love plane, they feel an irrepressible desire that links them through sex, which is a wonderful launching of creativity. The Gemini man and the Piscean woman will find their own ways to enjoy the pleasure of being together in bed. Both signs are changing and are adapted to each passing request of your partner. pisces woman and gemini man

Both are very sensual and foreplays and experiments are their cups of coffee.

Pisces’ erogenous zone is feet, while the part of the body that Gemini rules are the arms, hands and shoulders.

An inconstant relationship

The Gemini man, having the element in the air, opens the windows to feel the fresh blade of the outside, then goes to the door and turns the knob with the intention of trying his fortune in that limitless space outside the house. Your need to experience experiences can be very urgent. His social requirements are such that, when he has been caught and held in the cage of compromise, he flutters with a melancholy melody and points his distressed eyes outward.

Since they are signs whose characters constantly oscillate, the relationship that is set in motion between a Pisces woman and a Gemini man suffers from constancy. So there will be difficulties in establishing clear agreements that both are willing to meet at all times. Both are unleashed to adventure reaching the dangerous end of losing sight of their initial goals.

Its most important aspects

Although imaginative and fanciful, the Gemini man has not been stripped of his reason at any time. In contrast, the Pisces woman is of a sensitive nature, so much so that she is able to reproduce in her inner world the suffering of others. She has to know that he understands these aspects of his inner life and feels supported.

A mixture of reason, emotions and spirituality that must operate at full speed. It is on the basis of the joint effort that they will be able to take their relationship beyond the turbid places of the tobacconist. The difficulties are marked by the fact of being signs of elements difficult to conjugate, air and water. The point in favor of their life as a couple is their mutual tendency to let the other person speak; Both are very open minded people and will not oppose any creative proposal to do something for the benefit of their bond.