Planning A Great Vacation On A Budget

That time of year is here. The time when you start thinking about a much-deserved vacation. It’s been too long without one and now you know that you need to get away. Sometimes it is too easy to think that we cannot afford a break, it all looks so very expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. A few savvy tips will help you vacation budget go a whole lot further. So, whether you are looking for a weekend break or want to stay a little longer, here are some tips that means your get away won’t be so taxing on your bank account.

First things first, wherever you want to go to consider the type of accommodation you are staying in. Depending on where you want to go to and when –the ultimate in low-cost accommodation is a tent and sleeping bag. While pitch fees might be inexpensive, you will need to pay up front for some camping kit that stands up to the weather and you will need a decent mattress to lie on as well. If you don’t know if life under canvas is for you, it is probably worth seeing if you can borrow from a friend to try it out before splashing out on expensive, quality kit.

Some hotel room deals do appear to be very attractive but do not forget that, unless you find an all-inclusive deal, you will need to be shelling out for all your meals on top of that. It is usually much more cost effective to find a self-catering place where you can make some of your meals for yourself. If you find a place that has a barbecue you can get some real holiday vibes and do the cooking outside. The cost of self-catering places varies enormously from basic lodges and apartments  to top-end snazzy villas with all mod-cons. A good place to start looking is a site like Airbnb. When you do you search make sure to set yourself a budget and don’t get caught up dreaming about places that are out of reach. You can find some excellent bargains on the site, particularly if you are prepared to be flexible about the exact location of your pad. 

Even if you have your heart set on a Las Vegas long weekend, there are plenty of ways to get to the casinos without breaking the bank. As well as finding some out of the way places to eat great food, one of the key ways to get away for less, is to avoid the busiest times. If it is spring season or convention time you will find the prices are higher, or if there is a big fight on you can expect to pay significantly more. But shopping around and travelling at off-peak times means you could find yourself an inexpensive room and have more dollars to take to the gaming tables. You will often find a mid-week break is less expensive than a weekend one as well. 

Wherever you want to go, avoiding the main strip when looking for somewhere to eat normally means you will find better value for money. Head away from the bright lights and you may find some more authentic restaurants and super-markets that the locals frequent. You can also find yourself trying out some local specialties which all become part of your vacation memorable moments.  

How you travel also has an enormous impact on the cost of your trip. If you are going away with friends and you are planning on travelling by road, then consider going in one car than all taking your own vehicles. If your journey means you need to take to the skies, a site like Skyscanner will help you find the best price air travel. If you can be flexible with your dates, you can find some real bargains on there. Being flexible, is key element of keeping the costs down and leaving your more spending money.