Powerful Affirmations to Facilitate the Process of Writing an Essay

Writing affirmations can seem like a waste of time. However, if used with a sense of purpose, one can get the desired results. Writing and reading your affirmations every morning does not necessarily mean they will work. The thing is anyone can write something down and read it every morning. However, when it comes to affirmations, one has to believe in what they are writing and reading. The words should not be meaningless and empty, but they should echo what one truly believes and desires upon their life. As is the custom of human beings, we tend to expect results almost immediately we change an aspect of our behavior or routine. However, powerful and positive affirmations should induce a self-perpetuating cycle in a person for a permanent change to occur.

Writing, in general, is not an easy task and students, in college and high school can attest to this statement. However, despite the above being true, students are still expected to complete several essays every month. To the bright students, this is not an issue, but to the ones who struggle, this means low marks and slip on one’s self-esteem. However, we believe you can change your mindset and see an incredible turn. It is often said that what we believe we become and that our words can make or break us. Words are quite powerful, and therefore, if you use them properly, you can help yourself to improve and get better at anything especially in writing an essay.

How can I make my essay better? This is a common question among students. However, it is the wrong question because the problem is not with your essays but with you and your mindset or mentality. The moment you change beliefs about yourself, you will definitely begin to experience new things and change. Below are some powerful affirmations to facilitate the process of writing an essay.

Powerful Affirmations to Facilitate Essay Writing


  • I believe in myself and my essay writing abilities.
  • I am not an average student.
  • I can write any essay type.
  • I do not get easily distracted while writing my essays.
  • I always have time for new ideas because I know they can help me grow in essay writing.
  • I am willing to learn and expand my knowledge level to help me write better essays.
  • I write exceptional essays.
  • I am an intelligent student with an exceptional mind.
  • I am good at researching to facilitate my essay writing endeavors.
  • I always finish and submit my essays before the expiration of the deadline.
  • I always start with the most challenging essay topics.
  • My essay ideas are always original.
  • I always acknowledge the use of other people’s ideas in my essays.
  • I always adhere to the essay instructions and never deviate from the essay requirements.
  • I am always open to new ideas which can help me improve and develop my essay writing skills further.
  • I write exceptional introductions to my essays.
  • I always prepare an outline before I start writing my essays.
  • I always include a detailed thesis statement in my introduction to guide and dictate the flow of my essays.
  • I always conduct in-depth research on all the arguments I wish to include in my essay.
  • All my arguments must coincide or build on the thesis statement which is the main argument.
  • Every argument is included in my essay as a topic sentence which is then followed by supporting sentences.
  • I write coherently, and my arguments communicate the desired message.
  • I never deviate from the topic of an essay.
  • I always acknowledge my limits and seek guidance whenever I get stuck while writing an essay.
  • My arguments and ideas in an essay are arranged systematically, and each further expounds on the thesis statement or main argument.
  • I do not plagiarize other people’s work when writing an essay.
  • The grammar in my essay is exceptional.
  • I am a determined student and constantly strive to improve my essay writing skills.
  • I study widely and gather essay ideas from all topics and events of the day.
  • Writing essays is an easy endeavor for me, and I do it well.
  • I always proofread my essays and make the necessary corrections before I submit them.
  • I always give other people my essay to read and allow them to give an objective account of the quality.
  • I always take criticism of my essays positively and seek to improve them.
  • My desire to write essays increases every day.
  • I like writing essays.
  • I am a keen listener and always heed the advice given by my instructors with regards to my essay writing skills.
  • My essay-writing skills are improving every day.
  • I have a great command of the English language which helps me write exceptional essays.
  • I am a disciplined student and always time myself whenever I am writing an essay.
  • I do not leave my essays unattended until the last minute. I do them immediately.
  • I value my studies and therefore, never entertain any distractions while writing my essays.
  • I am creative and always find a way to start and complete even the most challenging essays.
  • I always conduct comprehensive research on essay topics before I start.
  • I can write an essay under any circumstance.
  • My essays command high marks.
  • I write entertaining essays.
  • People enjoy reading my essays.
  • My essays are thought-provoking and always leave the readers in need of more.
  • I am a quick learner and always seek for more ways to improve my essay-writing skills.
  • I find essay writing enjoyable and fun.
  • I am better at essay writing than everyone in my class.
  • I choose to learn from the mistakes I have made in my past essays. I am, therefore, better equipped to deliver quality essays.