Powerful affirmations for patience

It’s tempting to quote the old saying here: “I want patience, and I want it right now!”, but I won’t lower myself to that. What…oh well, moving on…

It’s important when focusion on patience to NOT focus on NEEDING MORE patience, for the Universe will bring you circumstances in which you can test yourself on how to overcome impatience.

Use affirmations as if you are already the master of your emotions; it works much quicker and easier.


  • I choose to be patient with and kind to myself today
  • My patience is an attribute
  • I have much patience and understandingI possess deep patience
  • I now have the patience I’ve admired in others
  • Today I stay patient through all things
  • I have patience to spare
  • I find the time to be patient today
  • I am the epitome of patience
  • I am patient with myself and others today
  • I am patient with allowing myself to forgive myself
  • I am patient with my lack of patience
  • I remain patient in all areas of my life today

Source: The Book of Affirmations (Sharon Elaine) affirmations for patience