Powerful Learning Affirmations To Improve Your Memory Power and Learning Ability

Powerful daily affirmations to help you increase your learning ability and improve memory power. Repeat these affirmations at least 7 minutes a day (7-8 minutes is absolutely sufficient) and watch your learning ability change for the better. learning affirmations

“The future depends on what you do today”


• I am becoming more intelligent every day. My intelligence is exceptional!
• I remember everything I read
• I believe in myself and my abilities
• I have a great memory
• I am an enthusiastic student and constantly strive to improve my knowledge
• I can learn anything I set my mind to
• I am able to study and learn under any circumstance
• My desire to learn new things increases daily
• I learn quickly and joyfully all throughout my lifetime
• My time spend studying is time well spent
• I feed my mind with new ideas and expand my level of knowledge
• I am willing to learn and gain knowledge and wisdom
• I am capable of learning new ideas and grasping new concepts
• Focusing comes naturally to me
• I am totally centered and focused
• I am completely at ease learning new things
• I learn, comprehend and remember fast and easily
• I am capable of learning anything
• Studying is easy for me and I do it well
• I am always open to learning in a better way