Ready to Refresh Your Look? This Non-Invasive Facelift Guide Will Help You Get Started

Since ancient times, people have tried different remedies to make them look younger and to slow down the aging process. In ancient Egypt, honey was often applied as a home remedy, because of its regenerative and anti-bacterial properties, and in other cultures, similar traditions have been practiced all with the exact same goal. However, the modern age offers new possibilities and chances as technological advancements have and are proven to be more than effective in resolving these issues.

Luckily, newly developed methods also allowed for non-invasive procedures taking only a little of your time and leaving no scars or marks behind. If you are thinking of freshening up your look, read the guide below and learn how to get started.

Can you really skip the needle?

The question often asked is how is it possible to have a non-invasive facelift treatment without any needles around. The answer is simple, by using a treatment known as Ultherapy; it is not only possible, rather it has been done in quite a successful year in recent time. Hence, as the name suggests, the procedure is non-invasive, as it includes zero needles and is one of the most easy-going procedures with low-risk factors and a high success rate. 

How does it work?

To understand the whole procedure, we first need to know the structure of our skin. Our skin, the largest organ we have, is composed of several different layers. That is why we are often referring to burns as first, second, and third-degree burns as this depends on how deep the skin has been damaged. The upper layer is known as the epidermis, then the dermis is often not more than 1.5 mm thick; this is followed by fat and connective tissue.

Now, these layers are interconnected and equally important, and what we call aging is the natural deterioration of the epidermis due to old age and genetic factors, but also exposure to outdoor influences. How can you reverse it? 

You simply cannot, as aging is a natural process occurring around us and eventually we all experience it, however, you can reduce the effects it has on the skin. Traditionally, botox injections, lasers, and other surgical treatments have been used for this purpose, but Ultherapy changed all that. For instance, you can try a non-invasive facelift treatment in Singapore used to freshen up the face and tighten the saggy skin hanging from your cheekbones. The technology behind it is quite simple yet unique. Lasers cut through several layers of the skin, and unlike them, ultrasonic sounds are able to surpass these upper layers and barriers of the skin and hit exactly the spots needed at a deeper level, without damaging the upper layer. 

The sounds produced and delivered are vibrating and freshening up the dermis and other layers of skin slowly, delivering a glow-up better than ever before. The technology takes only some of your time and is more than effective. The end result is a fresh and better-looking face, with fewer wrinkles and a younger look.

How cost-efficient is it?

Now, the costs are something often worrying those who are thinking of getting the facelift done. However, the final results are more than worth it. Generally, the first results are visible within the first two months with gradual progress over the next several months. The lift can last for about a year and a half after the initial treatment. The overall costs are hard to estimate as most facelifts vary depending on the particular type of treatment as each one is personalized. There are several factors to consider before it, like skin conditions, genetics, and similar influences and therefore the total cost can be about a few thousand dollars, once again depending on the type of treatment. 

People often ask if they are safe, however the method, even though relatively new, is certified and tested by specialists making it bulletproof and safe for the average person, without any known side effects or consequences appearing later on. The technology then is similar to the ultrasonic sounds we take, therefore completely harmless for humans. 

We do things for the sake of beauty, and as previously stated, this passion for beauty and slowing down the aging process is more of a human delight than anything else. Songs have been written of immortality, and so-called fountains of youth romanticized over hundreds of years. Essentially, the modern age and the treatment it offers are the closest we ever got to achieving these dreams and wishes. Let’s just hope we make sure to always stay on the safe side and never hurt ourselves for the sake of looking younger.