Role of Fourth House in Kundali Matching by Name

Kundali matching originated in the early Vedic ages and has gained a lot of prominence as times progressed and its affectivity and essence were understood. In a time where the rate of divorces keeps increasing, the method of kundali matching by name and date of birth have dominated the married rituals. Before marriage in the Hindu community of India takes place, kundali matching by name and date and time of birth is conducted to check compatibility levels between the couple. It helps a marriage sustain longevity and helps the individuals understand each other better. This in turn results in a happier married life and a good connection between the couple. The method of kundali matching by name and date of birth is also applicable for Love marriages and not just restricted to arranged wedlock’s. This is because the concept of houses and planets tells us about what problems the individual might face and thus, this can be overcome if the marriage is entered with grace and awareness.  

 Role of Different Houses and Planets in kundali matching by name 

In kundali matching, there are nine major planets and celestial bodies whereas twelve different houses. The nine planets are the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. These planets each have specific roles. Interestingly so, each planet plays a different role when placed in different houses. Needless to say, the houses too have different powers and functions. Each house affects a particular aspect of life and thus, the placement of planets in these houses determines how those aspects will play out to be in the particular sectors of life. To understand the concept better, let’s study the role of the 4th house in kundali matching 

Role of the 4th House in Kundali 

The fourth house of kundali matching is related to the origin and our roots. We have always shared a strong link with our roots as it is from where we originate. Thus, we are bound to be influenced by the 4th house too. This house is all about our connections and linkages. The fourth house is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer that is the fourth zodiac. The significator of the fourth house is the Moon as it signifies the mother and the cultivator (creations). If Mars and Saturn are positioned in the fourth house, they lose their negative charge. On the other hand, Mercury and Venus do very well when placed in the fourth house. 

Areas of Life ruled by the Fourth House 

The things that the fourth house influences are mainly property, land, material objects, real estates, vehicles, and castles. It also includes and influences the native’s relation with the mother, the values the native gets from his or her family, and his or her association with their native or homeland. The house is also called the Bandhu bhava and is known as the house of domestic happiness as it deals with family life. Each house also influences certain body parts and their well-being. For the fourth house, the lungs and the chest are influenced.