Romantic Phone Advice Ladies can take to the Bank

Maybe you have entertained the idea of calling into a sex chat line or service. But seeing as you are not really familiar with phone sex, you could feel somewhat hesitant to experience how great it can be. Because the person you are chatting with on the other end is looking for the same thing. It is just a matter of using the right approach when you indulge some naughty fun on the phone. Of course, the conversation can start off with a basic “How are you feeling tonight?”. Or you can be a little more daring with a question about your partner is wearing. Either way, if the vibe is right and your partner shows interest, there is no reason why you cannot have a mind-blowing orgasm by simply having an explicit conversation. Always remember that the body is unable to tell the difference between your imagination and reality. It just reacts to the stimulation you feed it. In this case, you will be using erotic words to get your juices flowing. So, lock the door, make sure you will not be bothered, and prepare for some hot fun.  

In light of helping you enjoy the experience to the max, consider this advice and tips on how to approach phone sex on free adult chatlines.  

Anything Goes Without Risk  

One of the greatest things about phone sex is “safety“. Forget about spoiling the mood because you need to reach for a condom. And do not worry about any leg cramps creeping up on you when you should be enjoying the moment. Essentially, phone sex only limits you to your imagination. Because between you and your partner, you can talk about doing naughty things in places you would never typically indulge. Without having to stress about contracting anything, you get to have sex in any way your imagination lets you. Ultimately, it all comes down to trusting your partner. And if you can fully trust the person on the other line, you can have the most amazing phone sex. Additionally, you should be in the mood before you make the call.  

Prepare For The Occasion  

Just because your partner cannot see you, it should not stop you from creating a sexy atmosphere. For example, you might feel too conscious to put on the sexy nurse outfit in your closet. But when you are alone, and you know how that outfit makes you feel, why not get it out? In fact, tell your partner what you are wearing and increase the intensity. However, you do not have to use an outfit. Anything that helps you feel sexy while having phone sex can be introduced and utilized to give more depth to the conversation.  

There Is No Need To Rush  

Remember that you make the call because you want to relax on a sexual level. But great sex typically starts with some flirting and foreplay. And the same principle applies to phone sex. Given the lack of physical contact, phone sex is enhanced through casual flirting. That means you need to use your words and sounds to titillate your partner. And if you just rush into it, it probably won’t be amazing enough to linger on afterward. The same thing happens with conventional sex without foreplay. So, ease into it and make sure you enjoy every second.  

Don’t Hold Back  

When you have phone sex, it is definitely not the time to be shy or develop a “clean” vocabulary. The whole point is to turn each other on by being specific about the details. In other words, you want to share information with your partner about where you are touching right now. You want them to know how hot it feels and the way your body is reacting to the verbal stimulation. Go ahead and let your guard down during this conversation. Dare to use words you would never typically use, and remember to be specific. As the eyes for your partner in this situation, they depend on you to make them excited. That means being more graphic and explicit than ever before.  

Great Phone Sex Requires Two Partners  

Phone sex is not fun when only one person is putting in the effort. There has to be a flow of communication from both sides. Otherwise, it won’t be near as fun or memorable. But what if you run out of things to say? Then resort to asking a few questions. For instance, ask your partner where they want to be licked and how. In turn, this can spark more dialogue on your part and keep the momentum going. Just don’t be shy while trying to enjoy phone sex. Because if you feel too self-conscious, it will ruin the moment.