The Secret of a Successful Date

The first meeting always remains in the memory of two people. A good impression after a date pushes a girl to run to a phone in the hope of a new meeting every time when it calls. But it often happens that there is total silence after the first date. A girl is tormented by questions: “What’s wrong with me? What didn’t he like?” It’s all about the behavior of a lady. We have simple rules for a successful date. And also you will find a lot of useful information on Vava Site.  

How to behave on a date with a guy

  1.       Don’t be late for a first date. If a man has to wait a long time for a lady, he can regard it as disrespect to his personality. But you also shouldn’t come to the meeting place the first. This may indicate your increased interest in it. This frightens off men.
  2.       Smile. Do it naturally, softly, and friendly! A smile means a lot. Laugh at his jokes. Be cheerful and energetic! Thus, you will become for him the personification of happiness and a holiday.
  3.       Don’t criticize a man. Even if you strongly dislike something, you can express it in subsequent meetings. And now take care that they (the next meetings) take place! Don’t criticize his work, as well as habits, hobbies, friends, and family. He wants to look like a hero in your eyes!
  4.       Praise him. Admire his success at work, skills, and hobbies. Do it sincerely because each person has own pluses. Praise inspires! In the future, he will try to confirm his authority.
  5.       Don’t set your rules. Don’t point out what and how something should be done. He will feel oppressed. Express all your wishes in the form of questions, ask his advice, and don’t set your own rules. Accept his opinion.
  6.       Ask more. Be interested in his life. Let him say more on the first date. After all, talking is always more interesting than listening. So make the meeting interesting for him!
  7.       Don’t rush to tell all your secrets. Don’t tell everything about yourself. Remain a mystery. Especially don’t complain! Don’t talk about your problems.   
  8.       Don’t tell about your ex-boyfriends. Remember, a man may easily think that you compare him with a hero of the past days. And it is not necessary to scold an ex-lover. “If she had a relationship with such a guy, then something is wrong with her,” he will think about you.
  9.   No confessions about personal. The stories of a terrible childhood are also better to postpone to uncertain times. A man just doesn’t know what you expect from him: only kind words or good advice, and he may feel overly tense in such a situation. By the way, the topic of “a marriage and children” causes a desire to immediately run.
  10. End a date on time. If your date lasts more than an hour, it can get a little boring. He will be satisfied with you. If he misses you a little, he will look for your society in the future.
  11.  Be sure to say goodbye on a positive note. Stay in his memory with a smile, joy, and optimism. You can say that you liked a date. Then it will be easier for him to call you again. A man will not have doubt that you will be happy to hear his voice.

People evaluate each other in the first few minutes. But in the next 40 minutes, you will have the opportunity to either emphasize a good impression of yourself or cross it out! 11 secrets of a successful meeting – 11 steps to a new meeting!