Steps to Take If You are Diagnosed with MTHFR

Expectant mothers should undergo an MTHFR test for genetic mutations. This is because this condition raises the likelihood of risk of miscarriage, Spina Bifida, and other congenital disabilities.

Patients who are known to suffer autoimmune diseases should also carry out MTHFR tests. MTHFR tests are also befitting for newborn kids as these are accurately geared toward their vaccination routine.

While standard tests can be done at the hospital, there are at-home options like MTHFR home test kit to help you check yourself for this condition. In the past, such MTHFR tests were notably costly. But thanks to the advancements in genetic testing, MTHFR laboratory tests are becoming more affordable. In the case where your insurance company doesn’t cover a test for you, an MTHFR diagnosis can cost you as high as $1000.

There are cheaper alternatives, however, being less accurate. Rather than running a direct MTHFR test, which can be high-priced, the doctor may alternatively carry out a homocysteine level test on you to infer your MTHFR status.

This condition can’t be treated. Nonetheless, there are some steps you can take to improve the associated conditions.

Keep Far from Synthetic B Vitamins

Should you confirm your MTHFR status (from either a lab test from your MTHFR home test kit); promptly desist from taking folic acid. An increase in your intake of Synthetic B vitamins could provoke methylation difficulties. Such situations arise because your system struggles to metabolize folic acid.

Folic acid is processed supplement being a synthetic vitamin. If your body fails to convert it, it will surely harm your system. This provokes clogging in that folic particles which your body fails to turn impedes the receptor responsible for folate absorption.   

The Lesser Toxic Material You Take, the Better

People with MTHFR struggle with metal detoxification. Try to be as much minimally exposed to heavy metals as possible. Installing air filters in your home can be helpful. If you leave in an environment flanked by coal-burning plants, you can be convinced the air in your home significantly contains mercury. You don’t want to inhale this hence the need for your HEPA filter.

The filtration process extends to your water as well. With society piled with pollution, we can’t overemphasize the need to drink pure water. Equip your showerheads with water filters. Such a precaution will significantly reduce the chemicals your skin absorbs from such water.

Your fish intake is also critical. It is safer to go with fish having reduced mercury content. Also, ensure to avoid amalgam fillings as they are reputed for their mercury content. 

Eat Healthy Foods Containing Vast Amounts of Vitamin B

This can easily leach into the bloodstream.

If you have MTHFR, it strongly suggests you need organic vitamin B. This can be integrated into your diet by resorting to foods having wealthy folate composition. This includes healthy greens like kale and spinach. Also, try to eat more of avocado, bananas, asparagus, and broccoli. Meat and poultry are also known to be rich in Vitamin B.