Students’ Success: Mysticism or Hard Work?

Every single college student knows what it means to work hard for grades. Sometimes, they embark on the academic toil because they are eager to obtain new knowledge and sometimes just because they are forced to do so by the system. However, there is also this special cohort of students who believe that success is something that stems from supernatural factors. This article has been written to shed the light of truth on this primordial dispute between those who believe in hard work and those who still rely on the mercy of mysticism.

students' success

Hard Work Forever Pays

There is, probably, no need for stating that hard work is the key to academic success is it a commonly-shared truth. Of course, a bit of luck has never been an odd commodity, but those who want to graduate from university with a decent GPA should only rely upon hard and constant work. As it turns out, the secret is there is no secret as you will not be able to pass an exam just because you put a spell on the professor. This is non-existing quackery that is nothing else but a bit of consolation for those who are lazy to read, write, analyze, and interpret information.

Meanwhile, if you are all about superstitions and beliefs, then you should know that even checking free essay samples, which are aplenty online is the best ritual you can embark upon as it shall teach you how to write proper essays. For example, excellent free essay samples tare there for you to have a look at so that you could finally understand that actually learning and studying is not that hard when you pay at least an hour a day to your studies.

Pros and Cons of Superstitions

If you still believe that supernatural forces can become the main factor that you shall rely upon in your educational endeavors, may you please, provide at least one example when the rabbit’s foot ensured that a student passed the examination session with the flying colors. You can look up the cases online, but everything you shall find will be a hoax, just like your belief in the power of extraterrestrial factors and the probability of their impact on your grades. For example, you have an important exam in literature in one week. Do you really believe that knocking on the wood or having the sweet study dreams is going to help you? Why wouldn’t you just read the book instead? The answer is simple: you are ready to find a thousand of excuses for your laziness. All the students’ superstitions are nothing else but an excuse to be used for not studying.

Nowadays, students who are deemed to be successful in their academic life can be as well called technologically progressive ones. Indeed, when you are tasked with a tall order of writing an essay that has to follow a structure or a format that you have never heard of, you can always contact a special online essay service and they will show you a sample essay that you might be able to use as an educational pattern for your essay. That is, supernatural forces have nothing to do with academic success. Yes, you can use them as the charge for your belief in yourself, as a motivational booster, but never as a platform for building your college career.

Wrap Up

It goes without saying the modern students are ready to do anything that might help them pass their exams, especially if this anything is not related to studying. Nonetheless, the bitter truth for those who believe in supernatural and mystical stuff is that it does not work. If you want to achieve academic success you have to work hard and put all your efforts into studying. Of course, a bit of luck never killed nobody, but you shall learn until you drop.