Stylish minimalism – a trend or a need for a modern bathroom?

Littering living space with things devoid of individuality is not fashionable today. The purchase of items with some history is accompanied by vivid emotions that cannot be compared with the purchase of mass-produced furniture.

However, minimalism leaves a palm behind and is a design trend that has not gone out of fashion for many years. The main slogan of the style is the liberation of free space, which means getting rid of non-functional items and decor.

In 2021, minimalistic bathroom designs begin to take on soft, rounded shapes. Furniture without corners, graceful faucets, round and oval sanitary ware will form the basis of the bathroom interior of 2021.

The shape of the arch, the various interpretations of the storage niches, the large wall and floor mirrors are trends that are compatible with minimalism this year.

There is a wide choice of ceramic tiles for the bathroom to create a modern minimalistic design. Various shades of marble – beige, green, blue, expressive texture of natural stone, worn surfaces like wood or concrete will become almost the only decoration in such an interior.

Minimalism is not boring

The correct shapes and the usual sizes can be boring. The asymmetrical shape of a modern hot tub or a sink becomes a decorative element of the interior in 2021.

The modern lighting system consists of original lamps that resemble art objects rather than simple illuminators. Chandeliers with cylindrical shades hanging on long wires, lamps on high legs with large spherical tops –  all are great.

As for color schemes, for a bathroom in such a style, you can safely choose your favorite shades. However, do not forget about fashion trends. Today, achromatic white, black and intermediate gray, shades of beige and the whole blue palette are in vogue. It is difficult to be among the bright colors for a long time, so the variegated tones are replaced with the natural colors of the earth, sea and field grasses as compensation.

Neutral shades of gray and beige are called the palette of trust. The fashionable trend is to combine the palette of trust with expressive but natural shades of yellow, pink and red.

As a background, sophisticated elegant shades are gaining popularity – the colors of truffle, coffee with milk, soft beige ginger and muted yellow, dove-blue and dusty dark blue. Against this background, wall panels in the style of abstract painting that are coming into fashion look great.

Therapy with natural colors, natural textures and shapes are in trend today. Juicy green, reminiscent of mown grass, rich emerald that looks graceful, bright amber or deep like the night sky, blue will fill any interior with expressive notes.

The extravagant contrast of black and white, the introduction of dark details into the light interior are design techniques that still do not give up their positions.